How to Create a Home Theater Quickly and Inexpensively

Having your own home theater sounds great in theory. You can watch movies, your favorite TV shows, sporting events and pretty much anything in a room that’s set up just for entertainment without the crowds and annoyances of a movie theater. This all sounds fantastic until you start adding up the costs of your new dream theater.

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A Guide to Setting Up Surround Sound in Your Home and Yard


Prices on 4K ultra HD TVs hit new lows during the 2015 holiday season, with 60 to 65-inch sets going as low as $600-$700 and some secondary brands dropping as low as $500. But getting a 4K TV without a good speaker system is like buying a Rembrandt and putting it in a cheap drugstore frame. Don’t do that.

To fully enjoy an ultra HD TV, you need a good surround-sound system. With today’s technology, you can even extend your sound system from your entertainment room into other parts of your house and your backyard. If you’re planning on investing in a 4K or an HD TV — or if you’re just looking for a quality sound system — here are a few ideas for setting up your home and yard for surround sound.

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Starbucks Verismo Coffee Maker

Single serving coffee makers are all the rage, so you can expect to hear a lot about them this holiday season. Naturally they make great gift for many people on your gift list, from the busy professionals, young students to moms and dads.

We tested the new Verismo System by Starbucks and liked the system very much. Starbucks knows coffee, so any coffee maker with their brand name on it can be expected to meet a high level of quality, and the Verismo system lives up to that standard. As soon as you pull it out of the box you can tell that it’s well-made and beautifully designed as you can see from the photos above. It has a small footprint so it will fit in nicely on most kitchen counters without taking too much space.

We tested the 580 model pictured above, and a slightly larger and more advanced V-585 system is also available. The system is very easy to use, and all of the parts work seamlessly together. It’s easy to add water, clean by rinsing and also adjust the drip tray grate to adjust for different size cups. The machine warms up quickly in about 15 seconds so you can get your coffee fix right away when you need it.

The system uses pods like other single serving coffee makers, but here you use Starbucks pods that use the exact same coffee that Starbucks uses in their cafes and in their packaged coffee. The Verismo can be used to brew an espresso, regular brewed coffee, lattes and even an Americano. Instead of using milk, this system uses 100% natural dried milk pods so the lattes are very easy to make and you don’t have any messy cleanup. The results were impressive. The espresso in particular comes out great with the crema that espresso lovers expect and the taste is excellent. You can learn more about the available pods here.

Overall, this is a premium single serving coffee system that makes for a great gift idea.