Charge up with the PowerSlice

As we accumulate more and more gadgets, it seems like we have charging cords everywhere. With a family it’s even worse.

The PowerSlice from fuse is a universal charger that can help keep all of these gadgets organized and charged. With the PowerSlice you can charge up to four gadgets on one plug as the device uses individual slices with charging tips along with a built-in USB port on the charger base. Slices are purchased separately and slip into the unit, so you can charge a variety of devices from Samsung, LG, Apple products and Micro and Mini USB. You can have your iPhone charging while another has their Blackberry.

You can put the PowerSlice in a strategic spot in the kitchen or another spot in your home and make things easier for everyone while cutting down on the clutter.

The universal charger base unit costs $44.99 and additional slices are $9.99 each. There’s also a bundle with the PowerSlice base charger plus two iPhone/iPod compatible slices available for $49.99. It’s very practical and makes a nice stocking-stuffer for the holidays.


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WOWee ONE Slim is the ultimate portable speaker

Of all the gadgets we’ve tested recently, the WOWee ONE Slim Portable Speaker is one of our favorites. This portable speaker works with all sorts of phones and gadgets, from iPhones and iPads to other MP3 players. It’s about the size of a deck of cards and easily plugs into any device with an audio jack. All of a sudden you can have a party.

It’s amazing how much sound can be pumped out of such a small device. The WOWee turns flat, solid surfaces like tables, counters, bumpers, hoods and truck beds into bass-filled sound systems using patented gel technology. The sound changes depending on the type of surface and you can really feel the base on some surfaces. Try it on different surfaces and see which sounds best.

It’s perfect for events like tailgates as it provides about 10 hours of tunes and can turn your grill/cooler/hood into a high-end sound system for the whole parking lot. It’s also great for impromptu parties as it can fit in your pocket, computer bag or glove compartment. Take it on a trip and have parties in your hotel room or by the pool. The possibilities are endless.

We tested the Slim Power Base version and loved the sound. You can get it at Amazon for $79.99, and other versions are even less expensive. This makes a great gift for the holidays and we highly recommend it!


Colorful new headphones from Urbanears

Urbanears has a new collection of stylish headphones, and I was able to test out the Plattan model. I chose Indigo as the color and as you can see above and on their site the headphones look great. The design is truly unique and the eclectic color choices offer something for everyone.

They were also very comfortable. The padding is soft and fits nicely over the ear, and the sound quality was excellent as well.

In today’s world of mobile music, you can’t have too many sets of headphones. This new line from Urbanears should be a great gift for anyone who appreciates some style with their electronics.