The 5 Hottest Ecigs Brands in the World

Once considered to be nothing more than a celebrity fad, electronic cigarettes have now taken the world by storm, quickly establishing themselves as a real alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, the electronic cigarette market has been inundated with fly-by-night companies pushing inferior products which has the potential to turn people off this new technology and halt the adoption rates of a potentially life-saving product. In light of this, we’ve put together 5 of the best electronic cigarettes brands currently available on the market:


VUSE Digital Vapour Cigarettes pride themselves on being the only ecig company to have incorporated ‘smart technology’ into their cigarettes. VUSE use a ‘vapour delivery program’ which processes your vaping experience much like a computer would, making this a ‘digital’ cigarette, rather than an electronic cigarette.


Based in the United States of America, shoppers can choose to do their purchasing online or visit one of the many stores around the country. Unlike many other countries, electronic cigarettes can often be found where normal cigarettes are sold, such as convenience stores; although market research shows that other nations, such as Australia, will be soon to follow. The recycling program offered by Njoy is a great incentive, with every 8 Njoy Kings Electronic Cigarettes recycled, you get 1 free!

BLU Cigs

The US based company of BLU Cigs is probably one of the most recognised names in the electronic cigarette industry. Various celebrities have been known to vape BLU Cigs products, mainly due to the exposure that this brand has had around the United States of America. Providing various flavour cartridges and disposable cigarette options, the variety that BLU Cigs offer is what makes them one of the best sellers.

Green Smoke

The innovative design brought to you by Green Smoke boasts at having a long lasting battery cartridge which heats to a temperature that provides ‘full-flavoured’ vapour. With various kits available, to suit almost any vaper, the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are distinguishable by their brightly coloured green tip.


BLACKHAWX is one of the new kids on the block, however their marketing and social media presence is creating a buzz around the vaping community who have been crying out for a cooler alternative. BLACKHAWX is definitely a brand to keep an eye on in 2014.

Whether you choose to vape with a hot new brand or stick to tried and tested source, you’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favour. With less harmful chemicals than normal cigarettes and edgy new designs, electronic cigarettes are here to stay.


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Weekly Web Series Review: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

There may have never been a more self-explanatory title for a web series than Jerry Seinfeld‘s latest project, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” The format is simplicity itself: for each episode, Seinfeld picks a different car, picks up a different comedian friend, and they go and get coffee and, often, a meal. Throughout the drive and the meal, they talk about various things, all improvised and frequently very funny. The main charm of the series, though, is watching the comedians make each other laugh. At best, it is almost like actually hanging out with a couple of very talented people for a little while. At worst, it is rather lazy and inconsequential, and Seinfeld sometimes seems to be exaggerating his reactions to the jokes told by his guests.

The series begins with Seinfeld’s most obvious guest, Larry David, with whom he co-created one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, “Seinfeld.” There seems to be some effort on Seinfeld’s part to pick a car that reflects his guest’s personality, as in this first episode, in which he chooses a 1952 VW bug as a symbol of David’s humble, unassuming nature. David, along with his other dietary idiosyncrasies, slightly messes up the premise right off the bat by ordering tea, but he offers one of the series more interesting insights. Discussing the difference between cigars and cigarettes, he suggests that a cigar imbues the smoker with an air of wisdom because of the time it takes to smoke, which lends itself to a “contemplative” posture.

Another very intelligent guest is “Mystery Science Theater 3000” creator Joel Hodgson in episode 5, who offers some interesting insights about nostalgia and economics. On the former, he says that the reason people love to look back at the past is that “You know what you’re going to say … you know what to say about the past, and you don’t know what to say about the future.” When Seinfeld brings up the mysterious economics of a restaurant, Hodgson offers a musical analogy: “The guy who sells the guitars makes the money, and not the guy in the band … How many guitars have you bought over the years … I’ve bought … six, and I don’t play the guitar.”

One of the series’ most enjoyable episodes is the third, in which Seinfeld’s guest is the great stand-up comic Brian Regan. The reason it works so well is that their conversation throughout feels like a joke-writing session, as if the two comedians are co-writing a sitcom or a stand-up set, often finishing each other’s sentences and collectively brainstorming jokes on each topic that comes up. Another especially good one features Alec Baldwin, whose overall attitude toward Seinfeld is playfully hostile, though he shows great humility when he credits the cast and writers of “30 Rock” for teaching him how to be funny. His story of a Rip Torn bar fight is not be missed, and this is where “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” excels: it presents very funny, interesting people just being naturally funny and interesting.