What Makes a Car Safe? The Top 5 Things You Should Look for in Your New Car

7 2015 Hynudai Sonata

Thanks to modern technology, car safety has significantly improved over the past several years. In fact, many safety features that were once luxury additions just years ago are now standard for most new cars today. With all the new safety features available in today’s cars, it’s easy to confuse what you really need with what you can live without. But by remembering to focus on the fundamental safety features for any car, you’ll find it easier to make your way through all the safety features that companies offer today. If you’re looking to buy a new car soon, then remember to make sure that it has these five key safety features.

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The 5 Most Common Types of Blackspots on the Road


Blackspots are locations on any road that have a history of accidents. You’ve probably encountered many over the years and will continue to do so. It’s vital you be cautious whenever you drive, and be aware of five of the most common types of blackspots.

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Fix it or Junk it? Five Signs that your Car is beyond Repair


Maybe you need some new shocks, maybe a fresh set of tires will get your car back on its feet, and maybe the only real problem is that you need an oil change. Or maybe, just maybe, the sixty bucks you’d get to junk the car is a safer investment than spending thousands and thousands of dollars to repair it. Here are five signs that you’d be saving money in the long run by buying another car and leaving this one to someone with a little more time on their hands:

1. You’re Down to Duct Tape

A little duct tape to patch up the seat? No problem. Duct taping the steering wheel when the grip rips open? Sure, why not? The problems begin when you start using it to fix your engine. A little tape to hold a pipe in place until you can get some sealant or a new hose is fine, but when you’re using it for everything from loose gas pedals to leaky radiators, it may be time to think about trading up.

2. It Just Isn’t Safe

Not a single airbag working? Car stalls on the freeway? Tires keep blowing out because of a bent axle? Sometimes it’s less a matter of saving money on repairs and more a matter of trying not to be the one everyone blames for that twenty three car pileup on the interstate. If you just can’t really put any faith in your car to get you there in one piece, then you’re better off swapping up for something a little safer.

3. You’re Setting “Just in Case” Money Aside for Your Car… Every Month

It’s good to have some money to spare when you do need repairs, but when it gets to the point where you’re stuffing another three hundred dollars into that coffee can each month, you may be paying more than you would for payments for a brand new car, at which point keeping your Junker on the road just doesn’t make much sense anymore. You want to repair your old car to save yourself money, but once you get beyond that point, it may be time to call it a day.

4. It Keeps Getting You Pulled Over

Those blinkers that just won’t be repaired, the broken windows, the tailpipe that falls out of place and drags along the street sending sparks in every direction. If you can’t go a week without another warning from the cops, well, those cops are eventually going to get tired of giving you warnings, if they haven’t already. It may be time to get rid of that old lemon before the police get rid of it for you.

5. Only You Can Drive it… And Only on Good Days

A car that just won’t run reliably, that goes some days without even starting, is a car that’s eventually going to ruin first dates or get you fired. Not even a brand new car is 100% reliable 100% of the time, but a car that is guaranteed to make you late more frequently than it gets you there on time is more trouble than it’s worth.

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Insure Your Car Before You Drive


Have you seen the 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited 4WD? Wow! You could be the king of the road with that car. With interiors and exteriors that will match your style and taste. What more could you ask for?

Insure Your Car Now

No matter what model or make of your car, the insurance is imperative to protect yourself against the cost in case of an accident. There is a study that the safe drivers are not always charged the lowest insurance. Non-driving factors such as income, education and work seem to be more important in getting lower insurance rates.

If you can afford the new Toyota Highlander Limited 4WD, your income bracket must be in the upper scale. Make sure to insure such a handsome car.

Proper Maintenance of Your Car

To avoid any road accidents, you should keep your car in good condition. Not everyone can afford a brand new car every year. Therefore, proper maintenance of your car is necessary. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Have a regular tune-up-have your car serviced regularly to keep it in good condition and to replace parts that are already worn out.
2. Check your brakes, clutch, tire pressure, battery and battery water-it is important to have these items checked to avoid any mishaps on the road.
3. Drive efficiently-do not overstep on the gas and brakes. Do not be a clutch driver either for those who do not drive an automatic car. These will wear out your car faster.
4. Change the oil when it is scheduled to be changed-oil change used to be every 3,000 miles, It is done now when your car schedule calls for it.

Aside from prolonging the life of your car, car maintenance also keeps you and the public safe. Make this a priority today.

Safety is the Issue

Most car buyers look at the design,, the color, the features of the car. However, safety should be the issue in buying a car. You have to be protected out there when you are driving on the road. Some say that European cars have more safety features. Others say that American cars are sturdier. Japanese car makers will counter that their cars have a lot of safety features.

It is not just the car that makes driving safe, it is also the driver. Therefore, follow these guidelines to be safe on the road.

1. Always drive with your driver’s license inside your wallet
2. Do not drink alcoholic drinks if you are driving
3. Do not drive if you feel drowsy or sleepy
4. Do not drive if you are easily
o unsettled,
o hot-tempered
o irritated

Having a car is a responsibility to drive safely. You owe this to yourself and to the public. Make sure that your car is insured to minimize any costs due to an accident. The car and the driver must be in good condition before they hit the road. Drive defensively and reach your destination safely.


Smart living

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