Cabo Diablo – New Flavored Tequila

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This is the best new spirit I’ve tried in a long time. Cabo Wabo is known now just as much for its excellent tequilas as it is for its founder Sammy Hagar, and this new Cabo Diablo should attract many more fans.

Cabo Diablo features a delicious coffee flavor and tastes amazing when you drink it straight. It’s sweet but not too sweet and it’s not think and syrupy like some liqueurs. So it’s a fantastic sipping drink that men and women should both enjoy. But better yet it’s a tequila so it’s also a great way to get a party going as tequila makes everyone a little nuts at times.

It is made with 100% blue agave Cabo Wabo Silver tequila then kicks in notes of fresh roasted coffee, vanilla and chocolate for a striking combination. It’s excellent served chilled or on the rocks. With the holidays around the corner this makes for a great gift for men and women and it’s a great bottle to bring to a gathering to get the party started!


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Drink of the Week – A Spaceman’s Shot

As part of our new Happy Hour feature, we decided to go with a tequila drink as our first Drink of the Week, since nothing gets a party started like tequila!

Our first recipe was given to us courtesy of Cabo Wabo tequila.


1 1/2 oz Cabo Blanco Tequila
3 dashes Tabasco Sauce

Cover the bottom of a shot glass with Tabasco sauce and fill the rest with Tequila. Finish with a lime wedge.

So, grab that hot girl you met in the office and invite her to happy hour. See if the bartender can make you this drink or anything else with tequila, and you’ll get a pretty good read on whether she likes to have fun. If you have any legitimate shot with her you’ll probably find out tonight!


Cabo Wabo Tequila Review

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and we’re going to help you get the party started with a review of an excellent tequila.

The Cabo Wabo brand of tequila was created by The Red Rocker, Sammy Haggar, who also owns a night club with the same name in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. This premium tequila is the genuine article – 100% Weber Blue Agave.

The folks at Cabo Wabo were kind enough to send us bottles of all three varieties you see above, and we definitely had some fun giving them a try. The bottles have recently been redesigned, and as you can see they’ll look great in your bar or drink cart.

You can read more about the different kinds of tequila here, but the difference in the types of tequilas come from the amount of time they are aged from the time of distillation to the time they are bottled. The Blanco (or Silver) is bottled right away, while the Reposado and Añejo are aged longer which give them more color and more complex flavors.

I liked the Blanco the best, but all three varieties were great. If you’re only experience with tequila involves cheap shots at the bar, you’ll be shocked when you try a premium tequila like Cabo Wabo. The tequila is delicious and can be sipped like other high end spirits.

Of course, you can also shoot it and use it for great mixed drinks, so when you’re enjoying Cinco de Mayo today, order up some good tequila like Cabo Wabo and impress your lady friend!