Bullz-Eye reviews the adidas D ROSE 3.5 Signature Basketball Shoe

We were fortunate to review the newly designed and developed D Rose 3.5 Signature Basketball Shoe from adidas with input from Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose. The shoe has improved performance, bolder style and more personal details than its predecessor and launched just a few weeks ago. The D Rose 3.5 shoe is inspired by Derrick’s dedication and hard work to his game and features adidas’ most innovative performance technology, premium and rich style elements and personal details.

To exceed the performance needs for Derrick’s unique style of play, which includes extreme changes in direction, acceleration and explosiveness, adidas designers made the D Rose 3.5 more supportive, comfortable and responsive than its predecessor. The shoe fits even closer to the foot for faster cuts and features a SPRINTWEB upper engineered specifically for his style of play, which reduces weight with maximum support and breathability.

Additional performance features include an ergonomic ankle collar pocket to ensure maximum support during hard cuts and a breathable mesh tongue to improve comfort. SPRINTFRAME technology features an external heel counter to reduce weight and allow for energy return and motion control, giving Derrick his best performing signature shoe to date to improve his performance on court.

The bold spiral overlay pattern is inspired by Derrick’s goal to tighten his game, and functionally, it increases flexibility and provides optimum toe protection. The synthetic leather upper features the spiral protruding from the D Rose logo on the ankle to represent how his on and off-court success continues to grow from the support of his family, who inspired the logo. Chicago call-outs on the inside of the tongue showcase the essence of Rose, including a “Rooted in Chicago” graphic with lettering, colors and shapes inspired by Derrick’s tattoos and the Chicago flag. Each colorway of the D Rose 3.5 will feature special graphics, materials and colors that give details about Derrick’s life and style of play.

The three stripes are again featured on the back of the shoe to represent Rose’s speed, and now wrap around the outsole so opponents will see them not only when he drives past them, but also goes over them.

The D Rose 3.5 launched at retailers worldwide on January 31st for $160 in away (black/white/red) and home (gray/black/red) colorways. The shoe will launch in six additional editions through April.

The new D Rose 3.5 not only looks incredible, but the fit and finish of the new shoe from adidas hits new levels for comfort and stability. These new offerings are extremely lightweight but add to the strength of an already top-shelf shoe. The attention one gets from wearing the new D Rose 3.5’s might surprise you because everyone wants to check them out on and off the court.


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Adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2 Review

When #Adidas sent us a pair of the all new and super hyped Adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2 to review, we were thrilled to say the least. Reviewing men’s shoes is always cool, but these are one of those special shoe launches that are quickly turning into must-haves for those in the know of basketball kicks! The adiZero Crazy Light 2 are the WORLD’S LIGHTEST BASKETBALL SHOE, weighing in at 9.5 ounces, which is nearly 10 percent lighter than the nearest competitor’s basketball shoe. I swear these shoes were so light coming out of the box that you just shake your head and ask, “How do they do this”? If you play competitive basketball, the light construction means plenty, as NBA players have let their affection for the Adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2 be known, like this quote from NBA player Jrue Holiday: “In the league, every game matters, and you don’t want anything weighing you down on the court. Putting on the adiZero Crazy Light 2 gives me that speed and confidence I need when it counts.”

I’m watching the NBA playoffs closely and see the adiZero Crazy Light 2 on some of my favorite players. We also noticed how strong the new Crazy Light 2 felt once we started testing them on both indoor and outdoor courts. Per Adidas, “The increased strength of the adizero Crazy Light 2 comes from an enlarged asymmetrical SPRINTFRAME, allowing for maximum motion control. Designers added volume to the midsole for a more supportive base. The new aerodynamic three-layer SPRINTWEB is the thinnest ever, with a tighter web layout that gives players enhanced vertical and horizontal strength. Overall, the shoe’s new geometry allows for maximum weight savings, energy return and motion control.”

Of course, how the shoes look is just as important as how they function for plenty of folks looking for an edge. Our test pair was black with red trim, and the colors really pop off the sleek Crazy Light 2. The first adiZero Crazy Light 2 collection was off the charts good-looking, but these new ones appear to be more aerodynamic, which enhances the new offering from Adidas.

My game has jumped as well, and maybe it’s because I’m much more confident wearing the stronger and lighter Crazy Light 2 from Adidas. They’re now on sale and can be found on adidas.com as well as Foot Locker, Eastbay and other leading retailers. Check out the above pics and video below to see for yourself!


Adidas unveils lightest mid cleat in football

Adidas recently unveiled the new adizero 5-Star Mid, the lightest mid cut cleat in football. At 7.9 ounces, the adizero 5-Star Mid is more than two ounces lighter than the nearest competitor and is designed to help make football players at every position faster.

The top high school football players in the country will debut the adizero 5-Star Mid at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl at the Alamodome in San Antonio on January 7th, and adidas NFL players like Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore and Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young will wear the new cleat throughout the playoffs.

“Whether you’re playing on Sundays or on Friday nights, speed is critical in today’s game,” said Mark Daniels, director of football for adidas. “Timing is everything in football and a split second cut or quick start off the line of scrimmage can be the difference between 4th and 1 and a touchdown. The adizero 5-Star Mid is built for players at every position who want maximum speed and support.”

Taking innovation cues from the adizero 5-Star low, which launched in 2011, the mid version features a single-layer synthetic upper called SPRINTSKIN and a SPRINTFRAME base, which significantly reduce the weight while providing the perfect balance between lightweight construction and increased support. Internal TPU support bands offer increased stability for quick cuts and changes of direction on the field and triangular-shaped cleats provide players with maximum acceleration and traction on both natural and artificial surfaces.

The adizero 5-Star Mid will be available in April for $115 in 17 colorways at Eastbay, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the official adidas online store and other adidas team dealers. Football players and fans can visit the company’s Facebook page for more information.


Review: Adidas “Moves Pulse” for Men

Adidas Moves Pulse.I recently recieved a sample of the new Adidas fragrance for men called “Moves Pulse.” ‘What a package!’ was my first reaction when I opened the box. The look is edgy with a kinetic bottle design and crystal clear glass that shows the red tint of the goods inside.

I have been wearing “Moves Pulse” for quite a few days now and I must say it has a scent that isn’t overpowering but more of an easy confidence for those who strive to be their best. I feel Adidas has produced a men’s fragrance in “Moves Pulse” that fits those men who live a modern and fast paced lifestyle where fitness and health is a top priority. If you decide to go with “Moves Pulse” you won’t have to break the bank to feel and smell your best.

For all of those who want to express their creative talents, go to http://www.pulsefragrance.com/ and enter for a chance to win 15k for your school or 1k in gear. Hey, if that doesn’t pertain to you maybe send the info to friend.


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