2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Guy Stuff

Guys are pretty easy to shop for. Most of the time, you can just get stuff that you’d buy for yourself. Of course, you sometimes have to cast a wider net, because tastes obviously vary, but at least you can pick up some stuff for yourself while you’re browsing.

Click the links within the write-ups to purchase each product online, and for more gift ideas, check out the other categories in our Holiday Gift Guide.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected


We’ve tested some Philips Sonicare products in the past, but the FlexCare Platinum Connected does something the others don’t by using Bluetooth technology to deliver the most complete cleaning experience yet. The FlexCare Platinum Connected takes the guesswork out of your oral care routine by using smart sensors that send your brushing data to the free Sonicare app in real-time, providing you personalized coaching and feedback. The Location Sensor highlights any spots you missed during cleaning, while the Pressure Sensor will alert you if you’re brushing too hard. You can also track trouble areas (like plaque buildup, gum recession and potential cavities) in your personalized 3D mouth map, reminding you to give them extra attention each time you brush, as well as set goals and share data with your dentist professional. The FlexCare Platinum Connected has three different brushing modes (Clean, White and Deep Clean) and three different intensity settings, and the included charger even comes with a UV brush head sanitizer. It may seem a bit over the top for everyday consumers, but for those who struggle with daily oral care or just want to learn more about their brushing habits, this makes the perfect gift.

E-Z UP Vantage Shelter


Whether your loved one is an outdoor enthusiast, a business professional looking to showcase their brand, or just a diehard sports fan who wants the best tailgating experience, E-Z UP makes some great recreational pop-up shelters that are stylish, sturdy and easy to assemble. Available in a number of different designs (from the lightweight Vista to the best-in-class Eclipse), we sampled the super-durable Vantage model and came away very impressed. Featuring 100 square feet of shade and cross truss reinforcement inside the shelter to help withstand tough conditions, the Vantage stood strong in cold Midwest weather… and that was before we even secured it to the ground using the optional metal spikes. The E-Z UP Vantage comes in eight different colors and includes a sturdy roller bag that makes it incredibly easy to store and transport, which is a good thing, because this sucker is pretty heavy. Additionally, E-Z UP offers an array of accessories to make your shelter even better, including Event Lights that illuminate the interior, Half Walls for extra shade and weight bags for additional support.

VARIDESK Laptop 30 Standing Desk


If you know anyone who works from home or just spends a lot of time in front of the computer, a standing desk can be a great investment. Not only does it help those with neck and back problems, but recent studies have also proven that it can improve cognitive skills and productivity as well as reduce the risk of obesity. You don’t have to worry about replacing your current workspace, either, because VARIDESK offers a series of compact options that sit on top of your existing desk. The Laptop 30 is perfect for notebook users who don’t need a ton of room; it’s fairly compact (measuring 25” x 30”) and features two work surfaces – an upper display table and a sliding base tray – that can be utilized whether in the lowered sitting position or lifted standing position. What surprised us most about the Laptop 30, however, is just how well-made it is. It’s incredibly sturdy at any height and features a patented two-handle, spring-assisted lifting mechanism that makes moving the desk up and down very easy and safe. We’ve only been using the VARIDESK for a couple weeks now, but already, we can’t imagine working without one ever again.

Daniel Wellington Watches

This new line of simple and classic watches offers some beautiful styles that will appeal to men with a wide variety of tastes. The stainless steel watch with the striped nylon band pictured here is one of many elegant styles you can choose from. These DW watches are affordable with a classy, minimalist style. Options with brown and black leather bands are also available. While browsing the selections on Amazon, you may end up buying one for yourself as well.


M.Gemi Belts and Shoes

Have you tried buying a nice belt recently? So many of them are made in China with fake leather, and they fall apart after limited use. Check out M.Gemi for beautiful Italian belts or shoes and you’ll find well-crafted, high-end Italian-made products without astronomical luxury price tags. The prices aren’t cheap, but they’re fair given the level of design and quality. Even those who are difficult to shop for will appreciate something as simple as a well-made belt or classy leather shoes.

MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer


The 3D printing revolution may have slowed down a bit in recent years, but the interest in these machines continues to grow. The Replicator+ 3D printer from MakerBot is one of the best choices on the market due to its ease of use, and although it carries a hefty price tag, it’s actually much less expensive than professional 3D printers, making it more accessible to hobbyists. Compared to the 5th generation MakerBot desktop model, projects print 30% faster and adhere better to the new grip surface, resulting in reduced warping and curling. Additionally, creators can visit Makerbot’s Thingiverse site and browse the countless designs that have been uploaded by the community, all of which are available for use. The site enables users to create and remix 3D things regardless of technical expertise or previous experience, and all designs are encouraged to be licensed under a Creative Commons license so that anyone can use or alter any design. The Replicator+ is admittedly a pretty niche gift idea, but for artists and designers who want to express themselves, it’s a worthy investment.