The Nissan GT-R Continues to Evolve – The New Look Godzilla?

As thousands of visitors began their own quest to buy the car of their dreams at the New York International Auto Show, we were graced with the presence of some of biggest global car companies showing off their latest developments and offerings.

One such brand was Nissan with the new GT-R model. The engineering team at Nissan can be proud of the way their face-lifted GT-R was awash with photographers’ flashes and lots of journalistic interest.

It has been a while since “Godzilla” has seen a revamp. While the exterior remains very much in line with previous versions, there are some quaint additions that add some ‘oomph’ factor.

The GTR now smiles with a matte chrome finish “V motion” grille, as well as a remodeled front fascia and air vents. As we move along the body, traditional GT-R lines are greeted by the signature rear light cluster associated with the model.

Additionally, the rear end has been slightly refined with improved air flow vents around the quartet exhaust outlets. While one can argue that not much has changed in its overall appearance, the slight improvements definitely work aesthetically. Thoughtful and well finished paint options with touches of metallic and pearlescent certainly add personality and bring the silent giant to life.

Under the hood, we can see performance improvements as well. An additional 20 bhp comes from the hand-built Nissan power unit, bringing the 2017 GT-R to a staggering 565 bhp. This seems to be the backbone to the Nissan engineering team. Credit is due for the way they have evolved the V6 3.8 liter twin turbo motor.

Godzilla’s interior has also been refined with new leather trim. It also benefits from increased comfort in the seats, additional noise dampening to lower the engine volume in the passenger area and a larger touchscreen display for driver comfort.

No doubt, we’ll still hear the engines roar inside the cab, but slightly less so. The new user interface was also designed in conjunction with the developers of PlayStation racing simulators Polyphony Digital.

Refinements were needed to enable Nissan to compete with others in the same class of auto and these will not go unnoticed. Already we can see the accolades Nissan have achieved after 10 years of producing the GT-R. It has stood the test of time and is set to become a legendary car.

Nissan has not released performance data at this time, but claim that this latest model will hit the showrooms later this summer. If you want to an advance preview of the drivability, we have been told to expect the model to appear in Gran Turismo soon!

Unfortunately, the NISMO version has been left off the drawing board for now, although you can still order a 2016 version for a little under $150,000. Perhaps the designers at Nissan are working on a completely new model of the GT-R. It does seem to be on the cards, but they look to keep us guessing until next year.

“The GT-R continues to evolve,” Nissan’s product chief, Keno Kato told us. “The GT-R is maturing, but will forever remain aggressive.”

With that in mind, we can’t wait to test drive Godzilla as soon as we’re able to. While we are sure the idea behind this facelift is to bring it into the class of touring car, there is no doubt we shall see the GTR burning rubber on a circuit somewhere soon. Watch this space for more news when it is revealed!