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5 Cool Gadgets


Are you looking for gift ideas for a loved one? Perhaps you’re looking for the latest gadgets that can make your life just a little bit easier. From smart phone covers to smart coffee machines, we’ve compiled the top five gadgets of 2015 all in one place.

Before we look at the gadgets, it’s worth mentioning where you can buy them from. There are numerous online stores that now offer a huge range of products. Some of the more well-known ones like Argos and other shopping catalogues also provide credit options for their customers so that they can spread the cost of their purchases.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out what’s made our countdown!

1. Smartphone covers

Smartphone covers convey your personality and style and are completely adaptable depending on your mood. Phone fascias are available in various materials and styles (including hard covers which protect your phone from damage), and you can even customise your own designs with photos or graphics that have a special significance to you. Always choose a smartphone cover that fits your device and ensures easy access to all buttons on your phone.

2. Fitness trackers

If you’re interested in keeping fit, digital fitness trackers are all the rage right now – and could provide you with valuable information about your workouts. These wristbands are light, durable and comfortable, and keep track of how many calories you’ve burned or your heart rate when you train at the gym or at home. There are a number of different wristbands to choose from, including fitness trackers manufactured by the world’s biggest electronic brands.

3. Lava lamp

The lava lamp is back in fashion, decades after the design was first introduced. The perfect gadget for a man or woman, these bright, colourful lamps can instantly transform any interior space and are best used in a bedroom or living room. Available in a wide range of designs, lava lamps are cool, vintage decorative pieces that are loved by all ages.

4. Emergency charger

Have you ever been out and about when your phone has died on you? Thankfully, there’s a solution. Emergency smartphone chargers allow you to charge your device when you’re away from home but don’t have access to a power outlet, saving you a lot of hassle! If you rely on your phone for business or personal communication, this little gadget could be a lifesaver. Even better, it’s small enough to keep inside a handbag, providing you with an instant charge when you need it.

5. Smart coffee machine

Smart technology has come a long way in recent years, and now the traditional coffee machine has been given a modern twist. Brew your own hot beverages quickly and easily first thing in the morning with coffee machines that can be personalised according to your own particular tastes. These kitchen gadgets are essential for coffee lovers everywhere!