Toyota pulls the plug on Scion


Toyota made the surprising announcement this week that it’s giving up on the Scion brand. It’s somewhat surprising from our perspective since we were pretty impressed with the Scion vehicles we tested for this model year.

As it turns out, the three models we tested the FR-S sports coupe, the iA sedan and the iM hatchback — will be rebadged as Toyota models.

The FR-S in particular stood out as an excellent vehicle in the Scion lineup and frankly can do even better now that it will be branded as a Toyota. It’s a slick, inexpensive sports car that will attract plenty of new customers to Toyota dealerships. One thing that won’t survive, however, is Scion’s no haggle pricing policy. That said, you can probably get some nice deals on these Scions now as they clear out inventory.

4 2016 Scion FR-S
It could be a great time to get a deal on an FR-S