Watches – A Fashion Item Since the Beginning of Time


Watches have been an essential fashion accessory for many years. Not only do they perform the basic function of telling the time, but they are also exquisite timepieces that are an extension of your personality. Watches are no longer items that are solely bought for function alone, but require lots of thought as to how you want the rest of the world to perceive you.

In order to achieve this ideal, the merchant that you choose to assist you with the purchase of your timepiece becomes as important as choosing the watch itself. The merchant with the greatest range of premier brands is none other than the Discount Watch Store or DWS as they are more commonly known. Not only do they stock a wide range of well-known brand names, but they also provide a superior after sales service. DWS are also market leaders when it comes to their ability to price their premier brand watches competitively, thereby forcing their competitors to adjust their prices to remain competitive in the marketplace. DWS understands the need to be fashionable without spending too much in the process.

What sets DWS aside from other watch retailers is their approach to delivering quality service. Each and every item on sale is diligently checked for quality. Every watch is actually checked twice, first when it arrives and then again just before it leaves the shop. As you can imagine this takes many man-hours to accomplish. We can ask whether it is really necessary when the defects are less than 2% to begin with. DWS’s commitment to quality is so important that 2% is an unacceptable figure in their eyes. With their stringent quality control process, DWS consistently limits the number of defective watches sold to a mere five out of ten thousand. Which other company offers this level of commitment to service, a ninety day money back guarantee plus the lowest prices on discounted watches on the web also guaranteed? Their motto of “We Care” really rings true in this case.

One of the main watch brands offered by DWS is Invicta or to give their full name, “The Invicta Watch Group”. The Invicta Watch Group is a Swiss watch company which has been in operation since 1837. Invicta enjoyed great success in the marketplace until the 1970s when Quartz technology took over making it extremely difficult to compete in the marketplace, resulting in The Invicta Group ceasing its production of watches. The company revived itself in 2001 and returned to the market place with a range of quartz and automatic watches. The good news is that Invicta has managed to retain the values instilled in the company 175 years ago. Today Invicta is one of the most popular and fashionable brands sold at DWS. The Invicta timepieces are good quality offered to the discerning customer at affordable prices. The Invicta range caters for both men and women. When the Invicta timepieces are crafted, the watchmaker use both Swiss and Japanese precision watch movements. Another Invicta innovation is a scratch resistant mineral crystal coating which uses sapphire and is known as Flame Fusion Coating. Each timepiece leaving the Invicta factory is coated with this Flame Fusion Coating. Invicta watches are sold at discount prices at DWS and include a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Have you considered purchasing a Swiss made Invicta timepiece from Discount Watch Store? This is a combination that ensures that you stay fashionable, trendy and not out of pocket.