Staying Healthy on Your Night Out on the Town

girl in nightclub

Bars and clubs are a lot different than they used to be, in some areas anyway. A lot of places no longer allow smoking and you can usually find light beer on tap.

Sometimes a guy just needs a night out on the town, even if he does everything he can all week to stay fit and healthy. Going out for drinks with the guys doesn’t have to be an unhealthy adventure, as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Drink In Moderation

There really is nothing wrong with having a drink now and again. While alcohol has an immediate effect on your body, if you aren’t binge drinking or drinking often your liver should be somewhat safe.

Some drinks can help pack on the pounds–take the beer gut, for example. Medical Daily suggests that you don’t bother with mixers, which can be fattening and full of sugar. Instead, go straight up or on the rocks.

Instead of guzzling your drinks down, take your time and sip them (especially if your drinking straight). You’ll enjoy it more and won’t get plastered and do something crazy, like order a pizza on the way home.

Make Plans For A Driver

Whatever you do, don’t risk your life or the life of others by drinking and driving. It doesn’t matter how healthy your night out is if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

You can either bring along a trustworthy designated driver that will hang out and not drink, or make sure you call a cab when it’s time to head home.

Driving drunk is not only dangerous, but you could lose your license, go to jail, or any other number of not so pleasant and fun things.

Get Your Dance On

Dancing is great cardio exercise, so if you have the chance to dance on your night out, do it. You’ll burn the calories from any of the fruity drinks you did decide to drink, even though you should have avoided those calories.
Dancing isn’t just a great way to get fit and help your heart, but it is fun too and can help lift your spirits after a long and tough day.

Make Healthy Smoking Choices

If you live in an area where smoking is banned in bars and businesses you may not need a smoke, but if you enjoy vaping then you already know the healthy alternative to smoking. Although some places are banning electronic cigarettes now too.

Even if you don’t smoke, or vape, there’s a chance a night drinking with the guys could lead to smoking cigarettes or even cigars. Instead of risking it, get yourself a sub OHM vaping device so that you can partake safely.

Just Have Some Fun

And, of course, don’t forget to have some fun. A night out is a waste of time if you don’t leave your cares behind and enjoy it. Just don’t leave your healthy attitude behind.

When you do go out with the guys, don’t make it just about drinking or you may find it can easily get out of control. Instead, shoot some pool, go dancing, or maybe even try out some bowling.

Think before you drink and you’re bound to have a healthy and fun evening!


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