Why Shorter Work Outs Deliver Rapid Weight Loss Results

couple with tight abs

Those who have huge biceps do so because they workout harder…right? Likewise, women with a trim, tiny waist are able to wear smaller dress sizes because their workouts are more intense. This is not true.

It’s easy to assume the harder, faster, stronger mentality of today’s modern world. We want things quicker and better than before, and when it comes to weight loss results, there are no exceptions.

However, modern physiology research contradicts the faster, stronger assumptions of today’s fitness freaks. Actually, shorter workouts deliver rapid weight loss results. If you’re not sold, consider the science and common sense behind the phenomena.

Smarter and Not Longer

Part of weight loss success depends on finding the sweet spot regarding length of workouts. In a study, those who worked smarter for 30 minutes burned more fat than those working out over 60 minutes. Perhaps supplementing your workout with a fitness app or device that shows caloric and exercise data can help illuminate your optimal zone.

No Zero to One Hundred

Usually, those who engage in workouts precede with some kind of epiphany or moment of disgust. For those who want to shed pounds before summer, a wedding, or a date, going from no activity to intense physical exertion could result in physiological disaster. Start small and build upon workouts gradually, giving your body time to acclimate and get used to burning calories and shedding fat.

It’s a Lifestyle and Not a Fad

As any fitness or exercise guru will tell you, being healthy is a lifestyle choice and not a short-term quest to lose five pounds before donning swim shorts or a bikini. Those who stay active all day, opting to take the stairs rather than the escalator for example, stay in shape and burn more fat than their stationary cohorts. Make the decision to make being healthy an everyday thing, that includes a healthy diet.

Fat Does Not Grow On Trees

Fat doesn’t grow on trees, but apples and other fruits do. Moreover, many sources of bad fat are foods packed with preservatives, triglycerides, and other ingredients harmful to the body. If burning fat is an ongoing desire then it’s mandatory to pay better attention to what goes in your body. That means limiting foods like burgers, fries, and shakes while preparing more dishes that include fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean cuts of meat.

A Little Eventually Equals a Lot

Those who go on crash diets or engage in high-intensity weight loss programs find momentary success, yet seldom does the discipline continue. The pressure, length, and intensity of chosen workouts are enough to turn a newcomer away from a healthy habit. Limit exercising to a few times per week increases the likelihood you’ll continue next week. Small but stable exercise burns fat and keeps bodies fit in the long term.

Exercise Much and Eat More

Surprisingly, those who burn many calories place themselves in a position to take in more calories. A body, unused to intense workouts, will teach itself to crave more calories after points of exhaustion despite wanting that maximum shred. Frustrating to those who don’t understand why pounds are packing on rather than burning off, the body undergoes an insulin response, making the one incredibly hungry. Exercising more is going to make you want to eat more, so be aware of your body’s response to a new workout.

Target the Body and Not an Area

It’s common for those who are out of shape to focus on their midsections. It’s often the first place the body places excess fat and why women often complain of big thighs or hips and unfit men have ‘love handles.’ It’s common for someone to dislike how an area of the body appears in the mirror and then target it in the gym. However, doing a bunch of sit-ups strengthens the muscles underneath the fat, and in some cases make some appear ‘fatter’ or pear shaped. Shedding pounds around the waist requires a complete body workout. Since the midsection is usually the first place fat goes on and comes off, those with a slim midsection make exercise a regular occasion.

Realizing some truths about working out the right way is a bitter pill for novices to swallow. How can working out less for a shorter time actually burn more fat? It may be counterintuitive, yet it’s a finding backed by science and practiced by fitness gurus and educated newcomers alike. Stop exercising harder and burn more fat by working out smarter.

Jane Mansfield is a physical fitness trainer and is training to be a nutritionist. She likes to help people become healthy by posting her insights online. Look for her articles mainly on health and fitness websites.