Floral Fundamentals: The Modern Man’s Guide to Buying Flowers

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Men and flowers. They don’t mix, unless you happen to be unusually tuned in to your feminine side. For most men, though, choosing flowers is a difficult task. They don’t know much about them, and they don’t know enough about “girly things” to know what kind of flowers their significant other might like. Even when it comes to buying flowers for mom, most men just don’t know what to get. Here’s how to sort it all out.

What Is The Occasion?

Why are you buying flowers? You want to know this. If you’re buying them because you’re trying to make up or say “I’m sorry,” it’s going to influence the flower selection. Likewise, if you’re getting flowers for a first date you don’t want to send “sympathy flowers.”

What Does The Woman Like?

Knowing a little bit about the woman you’re sending flowers to also helps. Some women have a favorite flower. Others don’t. Most people have a favorite color. This is pretty basic stuff. If you don’t want to feel like a dork by asking straight up, ask her friends or do it subtly.

For example, you could meet up for lunch some day and comment on something around you, saying, “oh wow, I love that blue hat. It’s my favorite color.” She’ll likely either respond in kind with something like, “Oh yeah? Mine’s pink,” or give you an opening to ask her directly, “what’s your favorite color?”

If you’re not too obvious about it, she’ll never suspect that you’re gathering intel for a flower selection. Just try not to be awkward about it. If you really don’t know her favorite color, you want to know this anyway. It can be helpful in any number of situations that have nothing to do with flowers (e.g. her birthday, Christmas, etc.).

If she has a favorite flower, this can be somewhat easy to get out of her. Take her to a flower expo or ask her opinion about some flowers you want to plant in the front yard. Tell her you’re thinking about starting a garden, and ask her if she’s got any ideas.

This gets the conversation moving in the right direction.

You could also ask her friends or family what her favorite flower is.

What if it’s your mom? You might feel weird about contacting your mom’s friends, but you can always ask dad – odds are he’s bought her flowers at least once during their marriage.

Is She Allergic To Flowers?

This is a really helpful thing to know. If she’s allergic to flowers, or just doesn’t like them, you don’t want to send her any.

What’s The Message?

What’s the message you want to get across? If it’s a first date, it’s hard to go wrong with roses, but not all women like them. They’re a little cliche, and expensive. If you know what your sweetie’s favorites are, get them and a card. Don’t let the florist sign it for you – some of them will write a message on your behalf, and it usually comes off as being a little staged or phony. Either, write it yourself or don’t send a message.

If possible, physically write it yourself. That would be the best possible way to handle the card.

Find a Florist

Finding a florist can be a bit tricky. This Florist in Singapore offers a wide selection of flowers, and will ship them pretty much wherever you want. A local florist will be able to help you personalize your bouquet, but they don’t always have the selection you need.

Most online florists will have the selection, but their prices might not be the greatest. This is where you have a decision to make. Do you want personalized service or a greater selection. If you live in a big city, selection might not be a big deal. Your florist may be able to get whatever you need.

Just keep in mind that with personalized service comes expense.

With online florists, you might be left “on your own,” but you can definitely save yourself a lot of money this way.

For most men who are willing to take the time to educate themselves about online florists, this is the way to go. It’s usually not too difficult to build your own bouquet, and you don’t have to be pressured into expensive add-ons at the florist.

At the end of the day, flowers is a business of love. You love you mom. You love your girlfriend. You love your wife. You want her to feel special about whatever you send her. Flowers is how to make that happen. Take the time to learn about them, and her, and you won’t go wrong.

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