Upgrade your Mother’s Day bouquet with Roseshire

Mother’s Day can be a tricky holiday for gift-giving, which is why so many guys fall back on the age-old tradition of sending flowers. But while most floral services are good enough for your mom and grandma (honestly, they’re just happy you even remembered), sometimes you want to go the extra mile for your wife or baby mama and give her something truly special, and the guys who created the rose delivery service Roseshire know exactly what she deserves.

For starters, Roseshire doesn’t mess around with any other flower varieties besides long-stemmed roses. This is what a majority of guys are going to send anyway, so it allows them to really focus on quality. Cultivated by sustainable growers in Southern California, each rose arrives within hours of being cut in the field and is assessed, manicured and affixed with individual water tubes to ensure superior health. Roseshire keeps the roses under ideal conditions, handles them tenderly and places them in packaging designed to absorb shocks and protect against humidity.

To be fair, Roseshire isn’t the only service that’s delivering quality, ultra-fresh flowers these days, but the extra steps that co-founders Don Hotton and Nasim Pakmanseh have taken to ensure that it’s a one-of-a-kind experience is what sets Roseshire apart from the others. Roseshire roses arrive in an elegant box that really sells the specialness of the gift. Inside the box, you’ll also find the name of the employee who handcrafted the roses, your personalized message to the recipient (bonus points for the wax-sealed envelope) and a welcome note reiterating Roseshire’s commitment to perfection. Deliver these to your loved one at work and she’s guaranteed to be the envy of her office.

Roseshire currently offers ten different arrangements to choose from, including three Disney-themed boxes like their new “Beauty & the Beast” rose collection. Timed with the release of the live-action movie, this is the box that Roseshire sent to my wife, and it went over like gangbusters. More than a week later and the roses still look as full and colorful as they did when they first arrived. Though Roseshire’s collections cost a little more than the average florist (about $100/dozen compared to $79.99 on FTD), it’s well worth it for the reaction it garners. And really, isn’t that the reason we send flowers?

Visit Roseshire today to order roses in time for Mother’s Day, and stay up to date on their latest collections by following them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.