From 0 – Full In 30 Seconds

Sat desperately waiting for your mobile to charge could soon be a thing of the past. The slow chugging of a power bar restoring at the rate of one percent a minute will be an irritating memory of the past, for an Israeli brand have created a prototype. A prototype charger that will bring back your smartphone from the dead to fully charged in just 30 seconds.

StoreDot predict that the technology will arrive on the market by 2016 and will deliver a day’s power in just 30 seconds, although potentially raising the cost of handsets by £95.

Which could of course change the mobile industry forever.

The likes of the iPhone have been regularly criticized for having a short battery life and could prove a turning point for smartphone manufacturers and app developers alike.

Gaming is becoming increasingly popular on mobile devices, with the online industry as a whole set to be worth over $100 billion by 2018. But with the potential to extend lengthy sessions on the likes of the Euro Palace casino games where you can jump into the adventurous environment in the Tomb Raider slots or even play lengthy hours on the addictive Rhino Ball, there’ll soon be no worry of wasting power on-the-go and we could see the gaming realm revolutionize even further.

Which has excited a lot of people. Zack Weisfeld, a tech analyst who has worked on ventures in the mobile sector globally said in an interview with Reuters, “We live in a power hungry world … people are constantly chasing a power outlet.

“StoreDot has the potential to solve this real big problem.”

The Tel Aviv-based brand uses nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules to develop a much higher charge which will power a mobile phone in a few seconds and potentially an electric car in a matter of minutes.

Founder and chief executive of StoreDot, Doron Myersdorf revealed that they were using new materials that are able to be recharged up to 1,500 times – an expected lifespan of around three years.
The current prototype is still too bulky for the market, with the brand expecting to release a slim-line version in the next two years.

So far the company has raised $48 million from two rounds of funding, including backing from an unnamed mobile phone manufacturer and Russian billionaire and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich who has put $10 million into the brand.

Two years seems like it’s still a little while off, but when it currently feels like we have to wait two years for our current smartphone’s to actually charge, it will roll around extremely quickly, and is sure to revolutionise the industry in our next generation devices.