How to pick the best phone for mobile casino in 2017


Choosing a mobile phone in a world where supercomputers can fit in your front pocket is, obviously, only going to get trickier. More than 30 years ago, the smartphones we shoot birds at pigs on were unfathomable to even the brightest minds on this planet, so what chance do we have? Apple’s latest iPhone bolstered its internal storage by 64 times since its original outing in 2007, and its 2012 model, the iPhone 5, has more than 2.7 times the processing power of the 1985 Cray-2 supercomputer.

The large majority of us plan our lives on our phones and fill them with some of the most personal of information we will ever see written down or, ahem, photographed. Subsequently, what makes a phone ‘the best’ for mobile casino is different for everyone. This guide aims to solve that personal tech barrier by detailing which particular phones you should look for when you find the most important section to you.


This section is as much about technological innovation as it is about bragging rights. The majority of mobile casinos you come across, in truth, will not require a heavy processing power on your phone to run. In fact, unless you’re running a first generation smartphone (circa 2001), you should be fine to play any casino game you like.

However, some specialist casinos do push graphics-heavy 3D visuals that modern processors should be able to handle with relative ease. In the unlikely event of laggy or interrupted services during your game, most sites offer a lower tech 2D option.

Best phones for power:

Apple iPhone 7
HTC One M9
Google Pixel


These days, some casinos are not happy with the bland old 2D gimmicks of old and they’re willing to show you something a little more beautiful. We’ve come a long way since color Nokias were the biggest thing on the market and, as 2017 approaches, so does the day of the 4K phone.

Samsung does indeed feature highly on our list below, but its latest mobile offering could really change the mobile casino game. Not only is its screen comparable to some of the highest-end television sets, but it is also fully VR-ready.

Best phones for resolution:

Samsung Galaxy S8 (2160x2840px)
Sony Xperia Z5 (2160x2840px)
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (1600x2560px)

Screen size

For players who, like me, tend to struggle with a small screen and even smaller touchscreen buttons, screen size is an important part of the decision-making process. When it’s deciding between hit or stand, or raise or fold, you need to feel comfortable in making these decisions.

It seems like for many years phones would only continue to get smaller. However, the trend for mobile devices recently is to get bigger. The reason, of course, is the amount of media being enjoyed (in increasing resolution) on mobile devices. As Netflix, Facebook Live and other media innovations prove, a bigger screen could well be future-proofing.

Best phones for screen size:

Huawei Mate 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Nexus 6P

Operating system

A phone’s operating system is its very life and soul. The operating system is the software giving you a visual display that allows you to use it and run the hardware in the background. In essence, it’s the interior design.

Generally, online reviews appear to suggest that a Windows phone is less compatible for mobile casino than its larger competitors, Android and iOS (Apple). With this in mind, choosing a phone that’s compatible with either an Apple or Android OS could prove fruitful when looking for variety in your mobile casino.

Purchasing a mobile phone is always a difficult task, and there are few resources out there to help individual customers to their personal needs. Regardless of whether you require a big screen to compensate for your fat fingers or want to show off realistic 3D graphics to your friend, your dream mobile casino phone is probably here. If you want to read more detailed information on mobile casino, head over to Mobile Casino Man, who reviews both the casinos and the individual games as well.