Cruising the Mediterranean Sea

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Long ago, the Mediterranean Sea was the lifeblood among ancient civilizations, providing routes for trade and war and also supplying food for its peoples throughout time. Today, the Mediterranean Sea is still a thriving waterway that provides a living for the people in the communities that border it. Sailing or cruising the Mediterranean is quite an adventure. Several cruise ship companies offer itineraries that include ports in Italy, Spain, France and many others.

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea that is almost completely surrounded by land. It is attached to the Atlantic Ocean by a slim channel of water called the Gibraltar Strait. The cruise lines normally classify the routes into two expansive groupings, the Western and the Eastern Mediterranean, with a slight overlap. The Western Mediterranean Sea schedule typically includes European ports in France, Spain and Italy. The Eastern schedule may consist of stops in places like Venice, Istanbul and Athens as well as visits to Bulgaria, Turkey and Russia.

These cruise vacations may sound great, but they are not always affordable. Around 1968, two men thought of a way to make vacations less expensive and more desirable; they called them timeshares. A timeshare is generally just what it sounds like, one space shared by many at different times. The pros of timeshares are that vacationers can get more luxury for their money. Once they buy into the club, as long as they make their payments, they are able to enjoy all the benefits. Timeshares are more often called vacation clubs now. There are numerous different vacation clubs available in the United States. Some offer resort-like hotels only, and some offer resorts and cruises all over the world. Luxury cruises may involve cruise ships or sailboats depending on a vacationer’s preference. Several cruise lines offer a sail through the Mediterranean Sea. For instance, vacationers that are members of a vacation club could sail Mediterranean Sea with Royal Holiday, a company that works with other cruise lines and affiliates to make travel to distant destinations possible.

The difference between booking a single cruise and joining a vacation club is the price of the amenities. On a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea, vacationers can expect to see places like Venice, Alexandria and Athens. In addition, vacationers can experience the Barcelona architecture or the cliffs in Monte Carlo. On board, travelers can expect to be treated like royalty, travel in style and enjoy the European charm of the staff.

When cruising the Mediterranean Sea in the summer, one can expect sunny days and cool ocean breezes. The average temperature on the beaches in Spain is between 86 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer months, there are more vacation packages available, and the water is much calmer thanks to less rain causing choppy waters. Off-season cruises also have their charm. For one, there are usually more adults and fewer children. The temperature is mild and the discounts are free-flowing. The ports are also less crowded during the off-season months. Mediterranean Sea cruises cater to preferences of all kinds.


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