Stay Safe on Your Next Cruise Vacation

Taking a vacation on the open seas can be an exciting adventure for anyone. But there is a lot of preparation that goes into making sure that you have fun on your vacation but stay safe as well. There are steps everyone should take to make sure that they are safe on their next seafaring vacation.

(image courtesy of quinet on Flickr)

A cruise is exciting, but it can also be a problem if seasoned criminals find out that you are out of the house with no real way back. To save yourself a lot of hassles, there are some things you can do while packing for your cruise that will make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Keep the Luggage Simple

While it is always a feeling of pride to be able to afford expensive, designer luggage, it can also be a bright beacon sending out signals to every criminal around. When you pack for a sea vacation, you should always pack simple but sturdy luggage to protect your belongings without drawing attention.

Luggage Tag

People often make the mistake of putting their name, address and phone number on their luggage tag. The problem with that is any criminals that see your luggage tag will know where you live, they will know you are not home, and they can call your house before they break in just to make sure no one is there.

Back-Up Information

You and your traveling partner should each have copies of your driver’s licenses, travel itineraries, emergency contact information and passports just in case you lose your wallet or passport during your trip. You should also make an inventory of everything you packed in your suitcases in case they are lost or stolen.

Be Smart

Most people take the security and safety of a cruise ship for granted. A dark walkway on a cruise ship can be just as dangerous as a dark alley in a big city. Never travel in dark places on a cruise ship and always stay in public areas where there is plenty of light and people.

Watch Your Wallet

You should never take a wallet or a purse on a cruise. There are professional pickpockets who go on cruises to find victims and then pick their pockets when the ship gets to shore. There are special carrying bags you can wear under your clothes that are secured to your body and make it almost impossible for someone to pickpocket you. Backpacks and purses are two of the worst things to take on a cruise because they make you an easy target for an experienced criminal.

Before you set out for your next high seas adventure, make sure that you take all of the precautions necessary to make your trip safe and memorable.