Male Grooming: Everything the Modern Man Needs to Know

barber comb and scissors

There are hundreds of guides to female grooming, but the modern man can be left scratching his head about how to approach the fine art of male grooming. Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about each of the key areas that you need to groom, including vital information about how much hair to remove and what gadgets you need to use. However, don’t forget that grooming is also a matter of personal preference, and if you have a partner then she might want to have a say in these decisions as well!

Shave your chest in moderation

While hairless chests were once more fashionable, grooming experts now advise that the trend is trimmed chest hair instead. You can decide how much to remove by considering your body type, as heavier men can actually benefit from the slight camouflage provided by a bit more hair. To get an even and attractive look, you’ll need a good quality pair of clippers. Use these clippers to trim all over your chest, moving against the grain to get the right results. If you have sensitive skin, using a moisturising body lotion after shaving can help to dull any redness and minimize potential itching. Finally, consider whether your chest hair will look odd next to your facial hair. While that suggestion might sound strange, a bushy beard next to a shaved chest can be quite jarring, so try your best to match hair length.

Send back hair packing

When it comes to back hair, it’s easy to make the decision about how much to remove. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to find back hair appealing, so the ideal situation will involve getting rid of all of it. In theory, you could have a kind helper shave this unwanted hair, but few friends want to indulge in that level of intimacy and it’s kind of a passion killer to ask your lover to shave your back. Instead, strongly consider booking an appointment to have your back waxed. Yes, it’s painful, but your back will look great for weeks and you’ll find the whole process easier to tolerate if you knock back a couple of painkillers before the time of your appointment. One cautionary note, however, is that extremely hairy men might not be eligible for waxing procedures. If you’re one of those men, trimming will have to do the job (and will certainly improve the situation).

Get rid of excess armpit fuzz

You can leave your armpits alone if you have a moderate amount of hair, but if it starts to emerge from under the sleeves of your favourite menswear then you should use your aforementioned clippers to make the hair less voluminous. It’s also worth noting that a quick snip with a pair of scissors can be all that’s needed if the problem is simply hair length.

Consider reducing the volume of your leg hair

While most people don’t mind hairy legs on men, some guys feel self-conscious if their leg hair is particularly thick. If you’re one of those people, you can buzz a little of the hair off in order to make it less dense.

Carefully approach your pubic region

Firstly, if a hairy area of your groin is going to be visible when you’re cavorting on the beach, the general rule is to trim this to the same length as you’ve chosen to trim your chest hair. Once that issue has been addressed, questions about the rest of your pubic area mostly boil down to personal preference. Most women seem to prefer their male partners to tame some of the bushiest hair by cautiously using clippers, but it’s still fashionable to at least keep some hair.

When it comes to shaving your balls, however, the consensus is that smoother is better. This process needs to be done slowly and carefully to avoid painful accidents, and it’s worth investing in a good quality razor if you’re going to be shaving your balls on a regular basis. You should clean your razor after every single stroke to make sure that you don’t catch and pull on an area of hair. Don’t forget to use a good quality shaving cream when you’re tackling this most sensitive of zones, as this will reduce the risk of injury and also minimize feelings of irritation after shaving. Finally, removing excess hairs that grow up the shaft can be removed with very careful shaving, and this grooming trick has the handy effect of enhancing your dimensions.

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