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Why men should be using these gadgets daily


In everyday life, we are always trying to find ways to make things quick, simple and easier for ourselves.

Whether this is planning in advance or using tools to help us do things quickly with the least amount of effort needed, gadgets follow the same concept.

We crave technology as it can help us achieve things we may not be able to do without them. From monitoring your heart rate to charging your phone without a plug socket, these are gadgets men should be using on a daily basis.

Electric trimmer

Whether it’s in your home or on the go, this handy grooming device is an essential piece of equipment for keeping yourself looking sharp and should be a part of your daily morning routine. If you want to avoid the battery nonsense, get one with a charging cable for quick, easy access to power.

The majority come complete with precision grinding technology to ensure you get a neat trim. There’s no need to overspend on these, as they are relatively cheap, come in lots of different varieties and typically do an amazing job.

Smart watch

Wearable technology has captured the interest for some of us, although I believe we should all embrace these cool new gadgets. Having a smart watch can do you wonders, even more so if you’re into sports apps. Not only is it used as a watch to tell the time, but it can calculate heart rate, count steps and even monitor sleep quality for fans of fitness. You can even set up vibration alerts for all your reminders.

Worried it might rain? No problem, most come waterproof, so if you really needed to, you could take it into the shower. That’s always reassuring to know…


Many of us tend to travel during the week, so having a gadget to make this period easier is definitely on the list, and if you do happen to drive a car, you’re going to be even more inclined to own one of these. GPS has come a long way in not only allowing us to access directions on our phones but we also some of the most data driven Satnav devices on the market. Having one of these in my car definitely gives me confidence in knowing how to get to where I want to go. Look out for certain features including:

• Strong battery life
• Bluetooth
• Lifetime map updates
• Safety camera
• Traffic signals
• Voice recognition
• Adjustable display

All these added benefits will make for a smart and simple journey.

Touchscreen gloves

This is probably my favourite clothing gadget because, well… it’s just awesome! Wear some winter gloves with style as you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed with ease. Now that you can get touchscreen gloves, why would you ever go back? These should be your go-to gadget for the winter.

The great thing about this gadget is that you can buy them from the store or make your current pair of gloves touchscreen-friendly by making them yourself with a formula designed specifically for this purpose. This formula is available across the web.

Portable Phone Charger

Nowadays, most people have access to a smartphone, but do we really appreciate the benefits of this right in the palm of our hands? If you’re on a contract, it may entitle you to unlimited calls, text messages and data usage. We have become so reliant on this and crave internet access throughout the day.

Keeping this in mind, without a source of charge, you are likely to come across what could be the most dreaded feeling of any smartphone user: running out of battery. That dreaded moment when you’re on 5% and have no time to stop and fill your smartphone with some magic juice (electricity), all may seem doomed. That’s why we suggest you get yourself a portable charger. They are very flexible and vary in build, shape, size, data storage, price and even colors to fill your creative needs. So when you’re out and about, rest assured that low battery is now a thing of the past. This little gadget will save the day!