Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray on Old Spice Robot: He’s the “Man”- droid


2013 was great for DeMarco Murray. After an injury-riddled second NFL season in 2012, Murray broke out with 1,471 yards from scrimmage, 10 touchdowns and was named to the Pro Bowl, where he scored the game-winning touchdown.

Thanks to a partnership with Old Spice’s new “Mandroid” robot, Murray is entering 2014 brimming with “Smelf-Confidence.”

We asked DeMarco about Old Spice, “RoboCop,” his career thus far and the upcoming Cowboys 2014 season.

Are you hanging out with the new Old Spice robot as we speak?

“No, but I wish I was; he’s my robotic friend. Later on, I get to hang out and have dinner with him. He’s still sleeping from last night.”

Well, according to these new ads, he picks up all the hot babes.

“He does! That’s the guy to be around.”

Speaking of robots, who would win in a fight between him, RoboCop and the Terminator?

“Old Spice robot man, of course.”

Entering week seven in 2011, you were second on the depth chart. You rush for a franchise record 253 yards in the game against the Rams, a game you didn’t even start. Talk about your progression from that performance to being named to the Pro Bowl in 2013.

“I was given the opportunity to play because a couple of guys got banged up. And I was fortunate to have the game that I had. I never thought in a million years that I’d ever have a day like that. But I knew my time would come, so I made sure I was prepared to make the next step. Once I got the opportunity, I never looked back.”

That game is the ninth best rushing performance in NFL history. What does that feel like when it’s done, and also when it’s happening? Is it a “zone”-like scenario or feeling?

“You’re aware of it, but you try not to pay attention to it. You just have to play as hard as you can, the best you can, at any given moment.”

Dallas will always be high profile, especially with the offensive firepower of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Are all those guys Old Spiced-up like you are, from head to toe?

“They are. They’ve definitely got the “Swagger” scent from Old Spice. I got a big shipment for the entire offensive line. They usually only shower with just water, so I had to get them some Old Spice shampoo, deodorant body wash, gotta do it all.”

If that robot, the Old Spice robot… I feel bad calling him that. Does he have a name?”

“Does he have a name? I don’t know if he has a name (laughing). I’m not sure – maybe just ‘Swag.'”

I like it! What position would Swag play for the Cowboys? Maybe right tackle?

“He wouldn’t play, he’d coach. He’d be WAY too fresh to be out there playing.”

With Scott Linehan joining the offensive coaching staff alongside Jason Garrett, Bill Callahan and, of course, Jerry Jones, are there too many cooks in the kitchen?

“Not at all. I think the more experienced coaches… those guys are all wise, they all bring different things to the table. They have a lot of knowledge and they are a bunch of smart, determined guys who want to be the best and win games.”

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