20 Ways to Have Sex Anywhere This Summer


Looking to add a sense of adventure and diversity to a sexual routine this summer? Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate National Nude Day everyday, which has just passed us, so discretion is advised when taking these recommendations into consideration! Try having sex in one or more of these recommended locations/situations and create stories and memories that you will never forget and that will have your friends envious.

1. In Water
The summertime brings with it a variety of water sports and activities, and if the water is good enough for swimming, polo and cannon balls then it’s good enough for sexual activity. When choosing to have sex in water, remember that condoms and water do not mix so knowing your partner’s STD status is key if you are going to engage in sex unprotected. For this reason, you may want to keep the level of sexual activity in water at second base and heat things up on dry land.

2. In the Woods
Lions, tigers and bears oh my! If you’re feeling a bit frisky on one of those summer camping trips, explore your adventurous side by sneaking away from the tour group to get a quickie going in the shaded corners of the woods. Wearing as many clothes as possible is recommended to avoid massive bug bites or bee stings (don’t need any trips to the ER), and make sure to watch out for poison ivy or other harmful plants that may cause allergic reactions.

3. Against a Tree
Give a new definition to morning wood by using a tree as a sex tool. Try the “Lumberjack” position by using the tree as a post. The female partner places her back on the tree while she wraps her legs around her partner’s waist as he penetrates her. Be careful not to scratch your back on the bark by or get bitten by tree ants.

4. In a Tent
Conceal your freaky moments in the confines of a cozy tent. For smaller tents, sex positions that require the legs to be elevated or positions that require rapid switching should be avoided to prevent the collapse of a tent that may have taken hours to set up. Spooning or missionary sex are great in this location.

5. On a Sailboat
Set sail into the horizon of the sunset on a voyage to ecstasy with this scenario. Strong thrusting and switching positions may be too much to rock the boat so this location may be ideal for a heated make-out session.

6. On a Motorboat
If you are into voyeurism this one is for you! Use a captain to steer the boat while you and your partner gain your sea legs and a notch on your belt.

7. In a Canoe
Sex in a canoe may prove to be a bit difficult, but if you are up for a challenge go for it! Just remember to remain in shallow waters in case of tipping over.

8. At a Music Festival
Add the live soundtrack of your favorite band to your sexual experience by having sex at your favorite music festival. Whether making out in the back of a van or grinding it out in the middle of a crowd, sex in front of thousands of people can be a rush like one never experienced.

9. At a Summer Timeshare
Find some privacy away from the other inhabitants whether it’s in a pantry, a closet or a half bath. Are you up for the challenge in tight spaces?

10. On a Swing Set
Remember those random late nights of sneaking into the park as a kid? Return to your childhood by having sex on the swing set at night. The motion from the swing will add stimulation for both partners.

11. On a Rooftop
Great for those who live in a high a high rise with a flat rooftop, sex on the roof is sure to give the neighbors a late night show to remember.

12. On a Trampoline
Try the “circus freak” position on this sexual aid. The male partner sits with his legs crossed while the female partner straddles on top in a kneeling position. Once in position, both partners can lightly bounce their way to ecstasy.

13. With no AC
Burn a few extra calories while in yoga like sex positions on a hot summer day. No AC can lead to dehydration so make sure to keep a few water bottles near the bed.

14. In a Car
Take it back to those teenage make-out sessions and find a secluded place to park and get it on!

15. On a Picnic Table
Before performing on this surface, check for dry rut, pesky ants and rusty hard ware that could do damage to the skin. Lay out a picnic blanket and prepare for lunch of the cunnilingus kind.

16. After a Day Party
Nothing is better than sex after a few drinks and high intensity dirty dancing in the daylight. Make your way at the bedroom after and eventful day party.

17. At an Amusement Park
If you’re looking for the ultimate thrill try this location on for size. Pelvis pump on the bumper cars or lip lock on the ferris wheel. The key with sex in an amusement park is avoiding onlookers, which will typically be young children.

18. On the Beach
Draw hearts in the sand and heat things up by getting a stroke or two in on the sandy shores of your favorite beach. Set up an umbrella for a bit of privacy and get it on.

19. At a Stadium
If your favorite team is sucking major balls, head up to the nosebleeds for a game of “you touch mine, I’ll touch yours”.

20. While Sunburnt
This one has to be the most challenging of all considering sunburnt skin does not like to be touched. To avoid discomfort, use oral sex in this situation. It’s just as satisfying.


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