The “Science” of Creating Mind-Blowing Sexual Tension with a Woman

man with woman in her bikini

It’s the driving force at the center of EVERY romantic book, movie and fantasy.

So why is it that when it comes to creating “sexual tension” with a woman, most men don’t get what it really is – and even fewer have any clue what it REALLY takes to create it?

If you’re like most guys that I talk to about this, there’s a good chance that YOU may not know quite as much as you think about what it takes to create and amplify SEXUAL TENSION, either.

But no worries, that’s what you’re old pal David D. is here for.

First off, a quick reality-check: Despite what most guys think, sexual tension is NOT mostly about physical attraction. It’s MUCH more about creating a curious, excited, anticipatory feeling in a woman – a tantalizing, slightly frustrated sensation of wondering and imagining and wanting more from a man.

Now, of course, if you’re an incredibly attractive athlete or a rich movie star, just “looking hot” may be all you need to get a woman feeling some sexual tension. But guess what? When it comes to the other 99.9% of us guys who aren’t movie stars, the idea that sexual tension is based on PHYSICAL attraction couldn’t be more WRONG. Or more needlessly discouraging.

Truth is, creating amazing sexual tension with a woman is something that ANY man can learn how to do… that is, once he understands the simple “science” behind making it happen. That in mind, here’s…

A Quick, Fail-Proof Lesson in Creating Sexual Tension

In the science of physics, “tension” is defined as a force created by pulling in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS on an object. When it comes to creating SEXUAL tension in a woman, the same rules apply.

Although we’re in NO way implying that a woman is an “object, the principle is the same: To create that incredible feeling of sexual tension in a woman, one that she can’t ignore or resist, you need to apply two “forces” to her emotions at the same time:


When a man approaches a woman in just the right way to make her feel like he’s potentially a great match, it’s automatic – she naturally wants to get closer to him, learn more about him and spend more time with him.

If you’ve spent any time learning with me at all, you already know this “pulling force” as ATTRACTION. (In fact, I’ve written an entire, world-famous book on the subject. If you haven’t read it yet, download it here).

In a nutshell, ANY man can learn how to create attraction by learning how to be cocky and funny in the right proportions with a woman by never coming across as desperate and needy, and by showing her that you have confidence, control and a purpose in life.

All of this tells a woman that you’re different than the other 99% of guys who hit on her all day, and that she may actually feel great and have fun spending time with you.

And that’s what it takes to make her feel that first critical component “force” of sexual tension called ATTRACTION.

Now let’s be clear: Until you learn how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION, there’s no way you can possibly make her feel sexual tension. Period.

However, once you know how to take the steps to create attraction, something magical happens: A woman begins to feel drawn to you. She enjoys the sparks of an unpredictable story unfolding. She feels a strong ANTICIPATION and a wanting for more.

That’s precisely when it’s time to apply a second force – but in the OPPOSITE direction – to create that irresistible feeling of SEXUAL TENSION in a woman.


You heard right. Just when you’re getting those signals that she’s really feeling it for you, it’s time to push her away. Not in any physical sense, of course.

We’re talking about putting up small, fun, exciting “ROADBLOCKS” that get in the way of her getting more of what she wants from you: more of your time and attention.

These roadblocks can be as simple as not answering her questions directly (believe me, the more ATTRACTION she feels, the more questions she’ll have.)

Instead of telling her right out where you live or what you do, change the subject: “Wow, there’s an interesting story behind that, but first, how about another cup of tea?”

Tell her she has to earn information about you by proving she’s not just another woman who wants your body, or by telling you three fascinating things about herself first.

Above all: don’t EVER be at her beck and call, whether it’s returning a message from her or planning an activity. And when things move toward getting physical, that’s when it’s REALLY time to amp up the sexual tension.

Whenever you make a move to take things to the next level physically – whether it’s holding her hand, going in for that first kiss, or taking it to the bedroom – PAUSE right there. Then actually back things up a step or two before moving forward again.

When you start using the “science” of sexual tension working in these ways, getting the opposing forces of ATTRACTION and PULLING AWAY happening at the same time for a woman, you’ll start to see mind-blowing things start to happen.

You’ll drive her crazy with a maddening mix of feelings for you, both not knowing what’s coming next plus feeling excitement and attraction. And that’s when you’ll see her start responding to you in the most wonderful ways.

If that sounds good to you, the NEXT thing you need to know is that creating sexual tension is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how simply YOU can start succeeding with women.

Once You Have the Simple “Secret Formula” for Making It Happen

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Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

David DeAngelo is a professional speaker, dating coach and creator of over a dozen different programs on dating advice that are helping men to create and maintain self-esteem, a positive and engaging love life and success with women and dating. Author and creator of over a dozen different programs and several eBooks, David’s main goal in life is to help men to help themselves. Join him at or

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