8 Survival Traits of the Modern Man

climbing up the corporate ladder

What does it mean to be a man? Anatomically speaking, not much is different among the sexes. Genetically, people of various ethnicities and backgrounds are nearly identical. Three hundred years ago, a man shaved his face much in the same way he does today. So, what does it mean to be a ‘man’ by today’s standards?

A man is what he does, and traits determine behavior and associated thought. Here are traits of a man:


There are multiple intelligences, and today’s man knows how to exact tangents of intelligence at apropos times. For example, decades ago, it was custom for young men to attend university, and then seek employment in associated lines of business.

Today’s entrepreneurs take samples from a number of classes to create an original business. Others, drop college classes or don’t attend university altogether, opting for immediate access in the business world. Today, being ‘smart’ means succeeding regardless of GPA and diplomas.


Americans are no stranger to disappointment, especially the 99-percenters, the lower classes who struggle in the wake of the recession. Today’s man is tenacious, especially in the face of impending economic disasters. In the last decade, young people lost jobs and homes but not hope for a return to better days.

Today’s man is versatile and doesn’t quit, finding alternate paths to goals despite fierce odds and impending hurdles.


Sports are for yesterday’s prim and proper athletes who wore (wait for it) uniforms! Today’s men barely wear anything at all while engaging in MMA activities, whether it be jiu-jitsu, karate, muay thai and other mixed martial arts. Read more about MMA and related matters at this manly blog site. Yesterday’s exercisers targeted ‘looking fit,’ but today’s warriors’ bodies are lean and mean but because of gritty contact sports.

Today, you have to be smart with your dollar regardless of how many you have coming in the bank at any given time. Today’s dollar does not go as far as it used to, especially in the wake of difficult times; brands and major suppliers are feeling the effects too, subsequently raising prices. Today’s man visits the coupon pages and online sites that host a number of discounts on a range of brand names. Being frugal is smart – as you already know!


You need to know how to clean the scum rings around the tub (and which cleaning products are ‘green.’) Moreover, today’s guys know how to clean and cook while paying for their own living spaces…with a dog or cat possibly thrown in for good domestic measure.

Today’s man knows how to cut coupons, shut off all the lights before locking the door, drive an environmentally friendly car to the grocer, gather discounted coupon items, return home in time for Oprah and make a delicious (and healthy) meal. Does it sound like a lot? This is only the drive home from work.

Tech Savvy

Do you know how to download YouTube clips, transfer the file to a desire extension and place all her favorite ballads on your girlfriend’s iPad? Today’s man knows his way around the kitchen as well as a laptop device, understanding how to troubleshoot when partner vexed by an easy-to-fix Internet connection problem.


Do you know what book the line, “Call me Ishmael” originates? It’s likely you’re potential mate does if they graduated from grammar school. You don’t need a PhD to survive in today’s world but you need to be well-rounded, having read some of the classics in the least. Aside from Moby Dick, checkout plays (not books) by Shakespeare and contemporaries.

Aside from text, visit records, works of visual art, opera, and a number of other cultural elements of the finer arts. You’ll be amazed at the priceless look on the faces of ex girlfriends when they see you along with another strolling the halls of local museums and opera houses.


Peruse some of the ‘world’s sexiest’ candidates of the last few years and see many double as comedians and personalities in sitcom or big-screen humor. They say laughter is the best medicine and it seems no one’s arguing.

Today’s man can trip up the stairs, drop quinoa on his shirt, and take a cut in pay, all with a smile knowing that things will get better and not to sweat the small stuff. Potential mates love confidence and hate cockiness often associated with bravado. Just be yourself, which is bound to make her laugh if you’re like the rest of us guys.

Michael Hogue enjoys exploring the modern man’s domain. He rejects political correctness, is a bit of a survivalist and enjoys outdoor and mountaineering activities. His articles mainly appear on men’s lifestyle blogs.