Get Your Work Style Groove on with These Five Dapper Looks


Summer is here and in full-throttle mode, which means dressing up for comfort while keeping the hero pieces intact. Modern office wear dressing needs more vibrancy than what is the norm. It must encompass a touch of minimalistic simplicity along with elegant basics transitioning the overall look into an effortless style statement. Here’s our list of five sample dapper looks that’ll rev up your new-age corporate honcho style.

1. Color Block Those Solid Colors

Not all men would prefer buying executive shirts that are boldly colored. Most men look at it as risky enough to think of. Think color blocking this time, where you can use two or three very solid segments of colors to match one single ensemble. Mix and match the warmth and the cool palettes around and throw in a little neutral tone trousers to give individualism to your overall look.

2. Let’s Go Khaki

When you need to impress the client at a power business lunch, wear a black shirt with a khaki suit. Khakis can sometimes add style if used properly while keeping the comfort factor intact. Available in chilled out and casual look, they make for a perfect rugged country side office wear look. Team your khakis with a black pocket square, a pair of black oxfords for the feet and a sleek quarter inch black belt to seal the deal.

3. Sporty Summer Coats for Friday Swag Tales

Sporty summer coats in a light shade with small cheques over a crisp shirt for the top and a grey check tie for the neck makes the mark. Faded denims for the bottoms along with caramel or brown loafers for the feet, and your Friday statement is made!

4. Enliven Your Look with a Waist Coat

Too hot to handle the summer coat? Fret not and just sport waist coat – something that gives you enough room to experiment with layers and remain stylish. Classic office wear calls for a medium grey tweed version of waist coat. You can also liven up your dreary office with confidence by wearing a bold color tie. A sure shot way to differentiate yourself from the dark tie-and-dark shirt combination colleagues!

5. Layer Up for the Cold Interiors at Work

Working at your computers for more than half the day, and the aircon gets too much too handle? Layer up boys! Navy blue V-Neck cardigan, white shirt underneath, slim-fit tan pants, cherry oxfords for the feet and a tab watch for the wrist should be your go-to choice. Thinking of that one-stop fashion platform where you can buy all these dapper indulgences? Head straight to and dress up haute today itself! And by using some sassy and super chic Target Shopping Discount Coupons, you can save smartly by taking advantage of the hottest deals. Revving up your corporate look isn’t a daunting task anymore, especially not when you can save like a pro all while playing and experimenting with stylish office fashion sense!