2014 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


The type of gift you give will naturally be determined by the type of relationship you have, but in every case, it’s important to put some thought into it. Paying attention to the little things will go a long way as well. A gift that’s very personal to her will make a bigger impression than the price tag on the gift. That said, you can’t go wrong with brand-name gifts that will make her friends jealous. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Bouqs Co. Flowers

Buying flowers can be a horrible experience, which is probably why a lot of guys don’t even bother. But what if there was a company that not only guaranteed fresher flowers at a reasonable price, but did so in style? That’s the basic concept behind The Bouqs Co., which cuts its flowers (from the side of an Ecuadorian volcano, naturally) on the day you order and delivers them within two to four days. Fed by pure volcanic snow melt and mineral-rich, pH-balanced soil, the flowers are brighter and can be enjoyed longer compared to other online floral companies. Better yet, it costs a flat $40 for a bouquet with shipping, and there are no annoying up-sells like cheap candy and stuffed teddy bears. Additionally, The Bouqs Co. farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, only cutting what they sell, and offer its workers competitive living wages and services like on-site childcare and healthcare, and adult education. It’s win-win, so you no longer have a reason not to get your special lady the flowers she desperately wants.

Blendtec Designer Series Blender

A kitchen appliance may not be the most romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, but trust us when we say that your wife or girlfriend will absolutely love the Blendtec Designer Series Blender, especially because it means you can focus more on each other instead of food prep. While many people are content with filling up their kitchen cabinets with gadgets that only serve a specific purpose, the Blendtec Blender is effectively 12 appliances in one, including a coffee grinder, food processor, hand mixer, ice crusher, ice cream maker, whole juicer, meat grinder and immersion blender. Featuring a powerful 1560-watt, 3-peak horsepower motor, this thing is an absolute beast, blending just about anything you throw at it… and up to five times faster than its competitors. (Don’t believe us? Check out the company’s series of Will It Blend? videos on YouTube.) It’s also incredibly easy to operate, with six preprogrammed blending cycles and a touch control manual-speed slider. Though the Blendtec is a little bit on the pricey side, when you consider how many different machines you’d have to buy to replicate its various uses, it more than pays for itself.

Pajamas from Victoria’s Secret

If you want to be bold, you can always go with some sexy lingerie, or you could take a more subtle approach with a set of lovely pajamas from the always reliable Victoria’s Secret instead. There are plenty of styles and fabrics to choose from, including full-length satin PJs, top/shorts combos and a cotton line as well. If nothing else, browsing this online store will at least put you in a good mood as you start your shopping experience.

Urbanears Headphones

The on-ear headphones from Urbanears are colorful and stylish, and most women will love them. They’re also extremely comfortable, with a collapsible design that makes them easy to store. We’ve tested a number of these headphones and they are durable as well. You can browse the website for a color and style that you think she’ll like best.

Shaggy Deer iPad Case

You can’t go wrong shopping for items from English fashion designer Stella McCartney (daughter of Sir Paul McCartney), and this slick, Falabella iPad case jumped out as a great gift idea that we first featured in our holiday gift guide. It’s beautiful and trendy, with chunky chain edging so she can take her tablet wherever she goes and protect it in style. If gadgets aren’t her thing, browse McCartney’s online store for more gift ideas, like dresses, shoes, purses and other accessories.

Tiffany Open Heart Pendant

You can certainly go big here and spend some serious money, but there are tons of affordable gifts here as well. Either way, it comes packaged in that lovely blue box from Tiffany that gets most women excited, and isn’t that what they really care about? For Valentine’s Day, the open heart pendant is an elegant but inexpensive option in sterling silver. There are many other great options that won’t break the break too, including bracelets and earrings.

Coach Handbags

Women love shoes and handbags. Embrace it! Look for something that you know she’ll like, do some digging around and ask her friends, or for bonus points, get her that bag she looked at while you guys were shopping. If nothing specific comes to mind and your budget can handle it, you can bet she’ll be thrilled with a purse from Coach. This Madison Café Carryall is chic and elegant, so most women will love this leather bag.

Burberry Watch

You can’t go wrong getting her an elegant watch, though you might drive yourself crazy trying to pick out the right one. The choices are endless. Think about brands and styles she likes, and whether she needs something dressy or casual. This Original Burberry Rectangular watch is beautiful and elegant, with a black leather band with silver-toned stainless steel. If you like the shape of the watch but want another color, other options are available. It’s currently on sale at Amazon, so now might be the perfect time!

Spafinder Gift Cards

Women love to be pampered. Of course, you should be giving her regular messages, but she’ll be thrilled with a day letting the professionals pamper her in a luxurious setting. This is something we recommend every year and these cards from Spafinder.com never expire. She’ll be able to use them at over 20,000 spa and wellness locations worldwide. If she and her friends have a favorite spot, you can always get her a gift card there as well. This will be great for everyone on your list, and you’re telling her that she deserves to spoil herself!