Sons of Anarchy 5.09: Andare Pescare

SPOILER WARNING: This post will appear every Wednesday following a new episode of “Sons of Anarchy.” It is intended to be read after seeing the show’s latest installment as a source of recap and analysis. As such, all aspects and events that have occurred up to and including the episode discussed are fair game.

I began last week’s post with a bit of analysis on the episode’s title. Given the newest episode’s intriguing name, “Andare Pescare,” I’d be foolish not to follow that formula again here. The title is a (grammatically incorrect, apparently) take on an Italian phrase meaning “gone fishing.” Just like last week, that could refer to a number of things. None of them involve actual fish.

One possible interpretation is as a reference to Frankie Diamonds hiding out in a Tahoe fishing cabin. Another, given the involvement of the Italian mob in the plot, is that it alludes to the famous “Godfather” quote, “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.” After that, we have to get metaphorical up in this bitch. Jax continues to fish for tangible evidence that Clay was behind the break-ins, as well as information about the “rat at the table” Roosevelt spoke of.

The list goes on, but let’s get into the Frankie plot. The meat and potatoes of the episode came from the club’s search for the last of the trio of ex-Nomad traitors. After leaving Chibs with a nasty bump on the head, Frankie met up with some mobsters he paid for protection. The club finds the mob boss at a restaurant and, after a bit of a scuffle, they’re able to get the information they need thanks to some trademark Jax ingenuity. Apparently, Frankie’s deal stipulated he give his guardians all the money he stole from the club. But Jax tells the Don Frankie stole half a mil rather than the $150 thousand he actually took. It’s a smart play, better to appeal to Mafia greed than rely on honor among thieves.

Meanwhile, Clay’s still on a mission to silence anyone who can prove he was involved with the Nomads, and Juice is still his butt boy. Clay gets a tip on the fugitive Nomad’s whereabouts from some (other) mobsters and uses it in the hopes he can find and kill Frankie before Jax and company show up. He doesn’t get that opportunity, as the guys show up just in time to stop him. Fortunately for Clay, the mob boss kills Frankie before Jax gets a chance to talk to him. However, perhaps fortunately for Jax (and by extension, the rest of us), Frankie tells Juice, “Clay put this whole Nomad shit storm in motion… We stole a safe, gave him back all that legal shit.”

Which brings us to Juice, whose initial reaction is to call Frankie a liar. But given the way the episode ended, with Jax following Juice home after figuring out he’s the rat, being privy to Frankie’s last words might be what saves Juice’s life. We still don’t know exactly why Clay is trying so hard to protect the documents in the safe, but the fact that he’s trying tells us all we need to know: they contain the information Jax needs to put Clay out commission with the club’s consent. As was the case with Frankie, Jax will need a unanimous vote in order for Clay to “meet Mr. Mayhem,” and whatever’s in that safe is how he’s going to get it.

The remaining question then is whether Juice is smart enough to realize that a man in Frankie’s situation, with a gun to his head, about to be executed for betraying his brothers, has no reason to lie. It didn’t look like it at the end of the episode, as Juice was still playing Clay’s bitch. Here’s my prediction: things will click for Juice when he’s the one looking down a barrel. He’ll tell Jax the truth, all of it. This episode seemed to be a turning point for our young president, for a while there, Opie’s death turned him into a bloodthirsty revenge addict, but the wisdom and leadership he displayed this week indicates a return to form. As such, Jax will let Juice live, but use him the same way he’s using Gemma. At least that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. If this season ends with Opie and Juice in the ground, but not Clay, well, that’d suck.

Speaking of Gemma, she took a whole episode to make essentially the same decision she made last week. More often than not in “Sons of Anarchy,” all that time she spent “thinking” and hanging out with Nero to reach that same conclusion would’ve seemed liked filler (when it comes to Gemma’s storylines in particular). But this time, this one time, it worked. This episode made Gemma (and us) realize just how well she and Nero work together. Although I think he was right when he said the whole “lovebirds” thing was “too on the nose,” if not for Gemma, than for the audience. Anyway, what it all goes to show is despite how happy Nero makes Gemma, her family, her son and grandchildren, are things she simply cannot live without. By putting some distance between the final decision and the car accident, it makes both Jax and the audience understand just what she’s risking, but more importantly giving up, to spy on Clay, and without all the anger that was clouding our judgment after she put Abel and Thomas in danger. Hopefully, Gemma will have Juice on her side next week, both in terms of getting dirt on Clay and in case her old man decides to bounce her around like a basketball again.

The only remaining plot thread then is Tara and Otto’s. Not much to say on that account, the show did a good job of putting it all out there. Although while I understand why the perfume made Otto cry and masturbate, I’m not so sure what it meant for Tara.

Anyway, things keep getting better and better in the fifth season of “Sons of Anarchy,” and 90-minute episodes start next week.

A few more things:

-Regardless of who you voted for yesterday, Jax Teller is the one president we can all support. Sorry, I just couldn’t allow a punpportunity like that to pass me by.

-Quinn, the Nomad who tips the club off to Frankie’s whereabouts, was played by Rusty Coones, the founder of the Orange County chapter of the Hells Angels.

-A theory on Tara diddling herself: Along with not telling Jax about the offer from the hospital in Oregon, it’s further representation of her transformation from doctor to old lady, with less middle ground as time passes. Going along with that, as she gets deeper into the nitty gritty, legal gray areas of being queen of bikerville, she hopes that her relationship with Jax will have the same raw emotion, that almost physical dependency, that Otto and Luann’s still has despite her death and his incarceration. Or maybe I’m way off, that scene was seriously confusing.

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