Nissan announces Project 370Z

Fans have been modifying Nissan’s Z car in garages around the world for going on 40 years. Now, Nissan is making it possible to modify a 370Z over the internet with their new Facebook campaign, and you don’t even need to own the car to participate.

Project 370Z works like this. Log on to, where you can then vote for a variety of performance parts as they become available. Turbos, Superchargers, bigger brakes or wings — the choice is all yours. The votes will then be tallied and the winning parts will be added to the car.

The final car will then be debuted at the annual Z Dayz event in North Carolina. You get all the rewards of customizing your own Z and you don’t even get your hands dirty. Maybe the event will even give you enough inspiration to modify your own Z car.


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