Send a celebrity valentine with Cameo Stars on Facebook

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If you’re one of those unfortunate people with a celebrity obsessed significant other, you can still earn some bonus points on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s is usually a day reserved for heartwarming, thoughtful and unique gifts, but for the celebrity crazed, the Facebook app “Cameo Stars” will probably do just as well.

The app allows users to send Valentine’s greetings made by celebrities to their Facebook friends. The list of celebs includes internet craze-worthy folks like Tony Romo, Kim Kardashian, and the ubiquitous Carmen Electra.

The videos also have themes. Need to make an apology? Let Tony Romo do it for you. Telling someone you have a crush? Let Rachelle Leah do it for you. Now obviously this is geared more for the women. If you send your girlfriend a video of Kim Kardashian eating cupcakes, well, I hope you like getting slapped.


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