Best Smartphones for Watching Movies

Galaxy Nexus

Sometimes in today’s hectic world, finding the time to catch up on movie watching can be rather difficult. However, with the appropriate model of smartphone, you can watch movies anywhere you go. Certain smartphones have design features that make them better options for movie watching. When comparing the different models, screen size and resolution were important considerations as well as the processor built into the device.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note is a mammoth smartphone almost bordering on tablet status. The screen display measures 5.3 inches and is in high definition. Given its size, it makes it a bit awkward to carry in your pocket like other smartphones. However, the Note is only of the best for watching a movie while on the go.

The HTC One X is another smartphone that will work well for movie watching. The phone has a sleek design and moves quickly. The 4.7 inch screen, while smaller then the Galaxy Note, is still larger than other smartphones. Some report that the battery may not keep its charge as long as hoped.

Another smartphone that can work well for playing back movies is Sony’s Xperia S. This particular phone comes with solid hardware and is highly recommended for users who love their multimedia. The high definition screen measures 4.3 inches. Again, like the One X, the battery life with this phone is average but the other features outweigh this drawback.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is another option when looking for a phone to watch movies on. With Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the Nexus handles movie playback well. Its screen measures 4.65 inches which provides a generous viewing screen.


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