Great College Alumni Gifts

Buying a good college alumni gift can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, we also know that it’s no rocket science. Here are a few alumni gift ideas that you may find interesting…

Big Ticket Gifts

1. Car – Whether the new graduate has never owned a car or simply needs an upgrade, a car can be a really exciting and a useful gift. Every college graduate dreams of freedom after college, and since they’re mostly capable of holding the responsibility of a car, it makes sense to gift one that’s within your budget.

2. Vacation – Most students love travel, and want to go out on tours after graduation. If your graduate is one of them, then a summer vacation is a nice way to get him/her to see the world and understand how life works. Whether you plan to send your graduate to Australia or Europe – the idea is to have them experience a new place.

3. Home Furnishings – If your graduate is moving out of his/her parents home, then why not gift home furnishings? After spending four years in a dorm or being surrounded by childish furniture at home, any graduate would love an upgrade in the furniture department. It’s a great way to help the graduate start on a life with a fresh beginning.

Economical Gifts

1. Books – Yes most graduates are tired of reading, learning, studying, etc. However, if your college graduate is an avid reader, then books can make a fun, personal gift. For example, you can give him or her a “gift set” with books from their favorite/most liked author. Or if he or she is religious, then why not gift a fancy bible with a nice, leather cover?

2. Greek Merchandise – The fraternity/sorority market is hot amongst students and your graduate will love getting some Greek merchandise as gift. Right from a greek hoodie to sorority flip flops sandals – you’ll find that there’s a huge variety to choose from and you won’t run out of options. Greek Gear is a good place to buy fraternity/sorority gifts.

3. Gift Certificates – Even though gift certificates don’t make for a personal gift, they’re much better than gifting money. You can purchase a gift certificate from your graduate’s favorite shop or even better get multiple certificates from multiple stores. Put the certificate or certificates in a simple envelope along with a nice, touching greeting card and you’re ready to go!


Once you find that perfect gift for your graduate, you’ll not only get a great response from him or her but you’ll be fully satisfied that you spend your money on the right gift.


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From the Vault: On Location in London

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With the London Olympics starting tonight with the opening ceremonies, we thought it would be a great time to dig up some never published photos from our archive of Natalie and Britney from our trip to London as part of our 2006 World Tour. We spent a day hanging out with these two beautiful models as we caught many of the sites in this iconic city, and you can see many of the London tourist spots in the background.

The first group of photos have Natalie and Britney hanging out in a classic London phone booth. Naturally these things are obsolete these days but in London they blend in as part of the beautiful architecture and scenery. We spent a lot of time in Soho so many of the photos from the first have of slideshow above are from that trendy part of town.

We made our way down to Parliament and got some nice shots in the park nearby. Later in the evening, the girls changed into heels and dresses and we went out in an area near London Bridge. The photos at dusk with the bridge in the background are great, and you can see one below with others in the slideshow.

We finish it up with the girls having fun posing in a London taxi, otherwise known as a hackney carriage. These classic taxi cabs are another site you'll see all around this classic city.

If you're in London for the Olympic Games we're sure you'll enjoy it. It's one of the great cities of the world and we loved our time there. English food isn't very good, but as a world-class city London has amazing restaurants, particularly excellent Indian food and amazing sushi. That said, the city is incredibly expensive. Don't bother going unless you have a real budget, as everything from hotels, food and taxis are ridiculously expensive.

In any event, enjoy the slideshow and the Olympics!

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Here's a video compilation of our photos of Britney with Natalie as we visited some of the amazing sights in London. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos as we add them.


Sunrise in Cancún

Whether you’re returning from a fun night at the bars or waking up to a beautiful morning, there are few things nicer than watching the sun rise over the horizon on an exotic beach in Cancún. We’re here in Cancún as guests of Royal Holiday at the Park Royal Grand, an all-inclusive resort located in the heart of Cancun. These photos are from the sunrise this morning taken from the balcony of the hotel.

Royal Holiday is a vacation club with locations all over the world, offering a wide variety of experiences for its members. The hotel here in Cancún is beautiful, offering great food, and amazing pool and easy access to the incredible beaches that have made Cancún a famous destination spot.

Check back soon in our On Location channel for a full recap of our Cancún trip. Meanwhile, it’s time to get back to the pool and some Margaritas!