Picture of the Day: Timi and her hourglass figure

On our second World Tour stop in Budapest, we met the incredible Timi who was more than happy to show off her hourglass figure. He she’s posing in a sexy hand bra in her underwear.


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2eros suits any man’s needs

Everything is evovling these days and that includes men’s underwear. 2EROS sent us a pair of men’s briefs and they are as stylish as some fancy shirts I’ve bought in the past – no kidding. The 2EROS brand offers a line of sleek and eye catching men’s sportswear and underwear for those who want style all the way and all day. Designed with the male physique in mind, 2EROS products accentuate the male form as long as you keep yourself in shape. Get in decent shape first then go out and buy your 2EROS gear.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from and, although the pricing is more than your average men’s underwear, there is a reason why 2EROS were featured in a gifting suite for the 68th Golden Globes! The U04*08 style we were sent retails for approximately $30 and has that quality look and feel right when you first check them out. Also, if you are as curious as I am about the name, here is the lowdown: “The name ‘2EROS’ can be read in two ways, either as ‘Zeros’ or ‘To Eros’. ‘Zeros’ symbolizes the two circles within the 2EROS logo, which visually represents the male assets. Alternatively, Eros, the Greek god of lust and love, symbolically represents sex, male virility and passion. As a result, ‘To Eros’ can also mean ‘to the god of love’, swimwear apparel designed for men looking for a point of difference on the beach, resort or pool party. “