NFL Draft kicks off tonight

Football fans everywhere will be glued to their TV screens tonight as the NFL Draft starts at 8 PM EST on ESPN and the NFL Network. Millions more will be following the action on Twitter, which has become the ultimate meeting spot for sports fanatics. You can follow me our NFL guru, Anthony Stalter, during the draft on Twitter @AnthonyStalter, and you can follow me @clevelandteams. Yes, I’m a tortured Cleveland Browns fan, so the draft is my annual Super Bowl.

Cleveland will be one of the pivotal teams in the draft with the #4 pick, and many are predicting that they will take running back Trent Richardson. But the Minnesota Vikings are making noise about trading out of the #3 pick, and that could mean Richardson goes to a team at #3. These tow teams will be pivotal in a draft that could be very hard to predict after the first two picks.

You can follow Anthony’s NFL draft coverage at You’ll see his mock drafts along with analysis of the top draft prospects and sleepers.

There are so many mock drafts out there these days that you can OD on all the various projections. Of course Mel Kiper and Todd McShay at ESPN has some of the best information out there. Here’s a 7-round mock draft at that would make me and other Browns fans very happy. Michael Lombardi’s first round mock draft would be even better, as he has the Browns getting Richardson and then Micheal Floyd dropping down to them at #22.

Search around and you’ll find plenty of information and speculation about your own team. Then you can load up on beer and munchies, invite some friends over and enjoy the show tonight.


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Four Ohio teams lead the Sweet Sixteen

Ohio State Buckeyes. REUTERS/Matt Sullivan (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

March Madness got off to a great start last weekend, with the usual flurry of great games and stunning upsets. In the end, the lead story was how the State of Ohio was represented by four of the sixteen teams still standing, with The Ohio State Buckeyes, Ohio Bobcats, Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier Muskateers all advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

As usual there were plenty of bracket-busters with all the upsets, and I’m sure this created quite a frenzy in Las Vegas as well. The first round of the NCAA Tournament is one of the best party weekends in Vegas, and the sportsbooks are totally packed with fans. I’m sure many people around the country will be consulting sportsbook reviews and the best handicappers to figure out how teams like Ohio can match up against a superpower like North Carolina.

Speaking of Carolina, they suffered a huge loss when Kendall Marshall, North Carolina’s sophomore point guard, underwent surgery on his broken right wrist Monday. As of now, his playing status remains unknown according to a statement released by university officials, but this seems like a huge blow for the Tar Heels, who were picked by many including President Barack Obama to win the tournament. Many now believe that the Kentucky Wildcats have the upper hand.

As for Ohio, this tournament gave them an opportunity to assert themselves with their win ober Michigan. Michigan’s football coach, Brady Hoke, had been annoying Ohio State players, coaches and fans by referring to them as “Ohio” instead of “Ohio State.” Naturally, this didn’t please Ohio Bobcats fans either, and this game thus resulted in a barrage of Twitter taunts from Ohio State and Ohio fans against Michigan fans over the weekend.

Twitter has really changed the way many die-hard fans follow sports, and you can now instantaneously rejoice with fellow fans or get into flame wars with fans of the other teams. People crack jokes, provide instant analysis and spread news in a constant stream of information and entertainment. Every major reporter and talking head is now on Twitter as well. Between the NCAA tournament and NFL free agency, this past week was a sports fan’s dream on Twitter. It’s addicting but fun as hell, so if you’re a sports fan you have to check it out.


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