Sons of Anarchy: Season Four Preview

I’ve watched the Season Four premiere of “Sons of Anarchy” twice already and plan on tuning in to see it a third time when it officially airs tonight. I don’t say that to brag (although as a fan of the show, it’s nice getting the episodes in advance), but rather to stress just how much I enjoyed the special 90-minute premiere. Though there was a lot of criticism (some even from myself) during the hit-and-miss third season, there’s no denying that “SOA” has returned to top form with Season Four.

A lot has changed since Clay, Jax and most of the other Sons were thrown into jail at the end of last year’s finale, and the new season picks up 14 months later with their release. Their return to Charming isn’t as pleasant as they would have hoped, however, with Jacob Hale voted in as the city’s mayor and a new sheriff in town who’s even more ruthless than the last one. The government hasn’t given up their investigation into SAMCRO, either, and they’re planning to use the club’s gun-running business in order to bring down heavy hitters like the Russian mob and the Real IRA. To say that the first episode is a little bloody would be a major understatement.

Of course, that’s just skimming the surface. This season also promises to introduce a new criminal element in the form of a Mexican cartel (and led by career baddie Danny Trejo, no less), as well as dig deeper into the mystery behind John Teller’s death. Be sure to follow my weekly recaps all season long on the Bullz-Eye Blog and get a quick refresher course by reading reviews of the first three seasons on our Sons of Anarchy fan hub. And if you simply can’t wait until tonight to get your “SOA” fix, FX has provided the first four minutes of the premiere for your viewing pleasure. Watch it now below.


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