“Death Race 3” Cars

Bullz-Eye.com was back in South Africa again as we visited the set of “Death Race 3: Inferno.” Check out all of our “Death Race 3” coverage which includes interviews with some of the beautiful actresses from the film, including Tanit Phoenix, Michelle Van Schaik and the Navigation Girls. One sexy Navigation Girl is paired up with each driver, while Tanit Phoenix plays Katrina Banks who pairs up with Frankenstein, and Michelle Van Schaik plays the only female driver in a badass role.

One of the biggest attractions for these films has to be the badass Death Race cars, and you can see all of them below including the car driven by the infamous Frankenstein. Check them out and compare them to the Death Race 2 cars we covered for the last Death Race film.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Driver: Frankenstein (Luke Goss)

Jeep Wrangler Pickup

Driver: Akula Girls

Jaguar X

Driver: Psycho (Jeremy Crutchley)


Driver: Razor (Bart Fouche)

Land Rover Defender

Driver: Tasmanian Devil

Sand Rail

Driver: 14k (Robin Shou)

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Driver: Baby

GMC Yukon

Driver: Rebel


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Bullz-Eye interviews Navigation Girls from ‘Death Race 3’

Bullz-Eye.com was on location in South Africa for the filming of “Death Race 3: Inferno,” which is out on Blu-ray/DVD on January 22nd. Here we have a great slideshow of three of the Navigation Girls from the film along with an interview in the video below. Bullz-Eye.com’s senior photographer Paul Miller was on the set during the filming of the movie and had the opportunity to speak with these three lovely actresses. They include Tanya van Graan who plays Amber, Charlbi Dean Kriek who plays Calamity J and Kim Engelbrecht who plays Kelly O’Donnell. Each are great in the film as they assist their various drivers through the Death Race.

Also, check out our interviews with Tanit Phoenix and Michelle Van Schaik.