“Doomsday Castle” ready for Armageddon on Nat Geo Channel

“When the world is in chaos and consumes the world, our family will survive….” This is Brent Sr.’s best quote, and that sums up his plan. Nestled high in the Carolina Mountains, Brett and his family have constructed a foreboding medieval castle to ward of the baddies in the event of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from the sun. In doomsday prepper lore, an EMP will plunge the country and then the world into chaos by wiping out the power grid. Our good friends at the National Geographic Channel invited us up to this wildly remote fortress to see the family and their doomsday plans in action and it was a trip unlike any other!

National Geographic Channel’s new summer series “Doomsday Castle,” their first spin off series after the hugely popular “Doomsday Preppers,” premieres Tuesday night, August 13th, at 10 pm ET/PT. Their cameras follow every step of the process behind the family’s adventure, from Brent Sr. summoning his family to see if they have what it takes to survive the upcoming apocalypse to the family finishing the construction on the enormous half built castle. Along the way we’ll see his near-maniacal military-driven crash course in survival, be it in tactical response to real invasion scenarios, survivalist training for substance and nourishment and fortification construction and defenses.

After a grueling ride in an ex-Army issued troop transport vehicle of some kind, we made it to the most remote part of the Carolina mountains that I thought every existed. Brent Sr. had scouted out and bought 500 acres here just for the placement and construction of this family fortress to battle the eventual rush of the population to find food and more in the event of Armageddon. Spectacular views greeted us there along with the castle itself. The family members were waiting to give us tours and instruction on various skills and techniques their father and his side kick, ex-Army Ranger (and complete bad ass) Military Mike, had given them over the course of the series filming. This included rappelling off the castle walls, zip lining to safety off the castle parapets, Viet Cong style booby trap construction, cross bow practice (to zombie targets with exploding heads), catapult defense demos and remote listening post construction and usage.

The family included a remarkable group of characters, with three attractive daughters in their early to mid-20s – Ashley, Lindsey and Dawn-Marie. Elder son Brent II was the rebel of the group and younger son Michael was already an experienced prepper and avid hunter. The three daughters were amazing troopers to survive this doomsday scenario crash course all in the remote Carolina mountains for four months and did it all with spunk and moxie. Look for individual “Doomsday Castle Girl” profiles in upcoming weeks here on Bullz-Eye.com for exclusive photo pictorials of the girls in action with weaponry and more!

“Doomsday Castle” offers a fascinating look at a family embracing the prepper movement and has plenty of action, weapons and adventure scenarios to entertain all sorts of viewers. Check it out on Tuesday night!



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