Will Hanes Soften the Blow?

Can a huge target made out of Hanes ComfortBlend® t-shirts soften the blow of antiques launched from a medieval catapult? Join Al Lenderson to find out now!

Ever contemplate launching your grandma’s antiques from a medieval catapult? We have. Watch as Al Lenderson launches grandma’s prized possessions at huge soft target made of Hanes Comfortblend® t-shirts. Grandma wasn’t amused, but we sure were!

They took a brand new scooter, fresh produce, fine antiques, and a rare violin, then wrapped them in Hanes ComfortBlend ™ products. From there, they crushed them, slingshot them, threw them off a cliff, and launched them from a catapult. The question They were looking to answer: would Hanes “Soften the Blow”?


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Michael Jordan learns about Bacon Neck

And no, that’s not a fat joke, but rather the latest Hanes commercial promoting their new Lay Flat Collar Undershirt. As someone who’s suffered the wrath of the Bacon Neck in the past, it’s nice to finally own a shirt that actually holds its form like it should. I’m not the only one getting behind the new T-shirt, either, as JetBlue recently announced a program that provides a “comfort upgrade” to all customers on overnight flights in June by giving them a complimentary Hanes Lay Flat Collar Undershirt.

Hanes is also holding a weekly drawing throughout the month on their official Facebook page for a chance to win two JetBlue round-trip travel certificates and a Hanes.com gift card. To enter, fans must complete a submission form on the designated giveaway tab, and a weekly winner will be selected at random each Friday. Check out the TV spot below, and then be sure to visit Facebook for your chance to win.