Double Trouble: Gemma and Lucy in England

When you travel to England, you expect to find some beautiful blondes, and we struck gold when we had the chance to photograph Gemma and Lucy on a trip to England back in 2007. If you follow their links you can see that they both were featured in Girl Next Door features here on, and they both look amazing in their bikinis, lingerie and other sexy outfits.

As you can see we were able to photograph the two of them together in various outfits and sets, and the beautiful red car is a Ferrari. Naturally we all love girls and cars.

After the holidays it will be a great time to travel to England if you’re fine with the colder weather so check out flights if you want to schedule a trip. If you’re traveling to Great Britain, we can assure you that you will see many lovely ladies like Gemma and Lucy. The women there are very fun and incredibly polite. Just treat them well!


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English soccer gets a boost with win over Spain

England’s Ashely Cole (R) and Spain’s Sergio Busquets challenge for the ball during their international friendly soccer match at Wembley Stadium in London, November 12, 2011. REUTERS/Darren Staples (BRITAIN – Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

Going into the soccer match between England and Spain, the prevailing wisdom was that Spain looked unbeatable and poised to win their third straight European championship in 2012. England of course always has first-class soccer in the Premiere League, but the national team has been a mess. Perhaps expectations are too high for the Brits as they always think their players are elite but then they get slammed in international competition.

With that backdrop, England’s 1-0 win over Spain this weekend was quite a shocker and has put the focus back on the national team. For soccer maniacs across the nation it will only intensify the focus on the national religion.

With that in mind, it’s a great time to consider that trip to England you’ve been wanting to make. Summer is over so the fares are coming down. While it’s not the ideal time to travel to England if you’re into golf, it’s the perfect time if you want to witness first-hand the intensity of an English football match. It will also take you to parts of England that you might not consider if you’re only focused on castles and history. You’ll find yourself checking the football schedules in Manchester and Liverpool hotels.

Naturally you can mix in more traditional tourist areas. You can zip up to Scotland and the hotels in Glasgow won’t be as packed this time of year.

Of course you’ll also want to spend some time in and around London. There will be plenty of football matches around the city this time of year and you can also catch all the traditional sites as well. So check the fares and get ready for some football – English style!


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