How to move around Europe with ease


Europe is an incredible place to visit or live. There is such a mix of culture, people and scenery that with only half an hour of driving, you could change from seeing beaches outside of your window to seeing snowy mountains. The only way to get the most out of your European experience is to travel all over and see what this amazingly diverse place has to offer. There are a few ways to get the full experience of Europe and make the most of your travels.

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Planning the Ultimate Guys’ Holiday for 2016, Where to Go and What to Take


Time with the guys should be sacred, but unfortunately it gets harder to share in those moments of bromance as we get older. Whether we like it or not, work and family commitments can often get in the way and before you know it it’s been three months since you’ve had a beer with your best friends. If your clique has been finding it hard to spend time together then there is one solution which could work for everyone, and that’s a holiday with the guys that is packed with fun things to do. Here are some of the best suggestions for a weekend away with your closest friends.

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A Road Trip on the Amalfi Coast


Italy isn’t short of incredible destinations to travel around: historical Rome, water-way Venice and Shakespeare’s fair Verona to name but a few. These are all awesome in their own right. There’s nothing like exploring magical cities like these, but what about if you want to get off the beaten track, visit Italy in a unique way and meet some cool people along the way? This post is a guide on taking a road trip along the Amalfi Coast road trip. Check it out, research car hire and then get out there on the road.

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Road Trip. Destination California.

Laguna Beach 2

There’s nothing more epic or more iconic than the great American road trip. Road trips are embedded into the very fabric of the American male soul. America created car culture, and there’s nothing better than a road trip with the boys. With a country as big as ours, you can’t do it all at once, so you better pick an awesome destination.

California. The Golden State. Just the name is enough to conjure up images of splendor, fun, sun, surf and snow. If you are trying to decide on where your next boys’ trip should be, California needs to be on the very top of that list. Even if you already live in California there are places yet to be discovered, and still more places that deserve another look.

The state has one of the longest coastlines in the country and unfettered access to beautiful beaches sitting on the edge of the great blue pacific ocean. California hosts world class mountain ranges, redwood forests, deserts, cosmopolitan cities, and enough attractions to satiate even the most adventurous of travelers.

Here’s an ultimate guide for planning a road trip to California with the boys.

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5 Great Summertime Ideas for College Seniors


As you near the end of your college career, the question starts to come up “what next?” Well before you get on with the rest of your life, you should take some time to celebrate and have some fun. Once you get started with your career, you’ll find that you have a lot less time to go out and do fun things. We recommend making this summer the best yet by following some of the suggestions below.

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