How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

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An engagement happens when two people are so in love, they want to make a formal commitment to one another. You’re a guy, so thinking about proposing to a girl immediately triggers visions of rings. Not the Lord of the Rings–though that would be cool if we could make that work somehow–engagement rings!

The engagement ring is the symbolic sign of your impending nuptials. It’s the beautiful token of your love that her friends, family, and co-workers will spend the new few months gushing over.

Make no mistake, choosing a ring is THE most important pre-engagement step.


When it comes to the perfect ring, cost really has nothing to do with it. You hear that, dudes with low-paying jobs who are dead set on spending their life savings on a ring? Some jewelers would like you to think that you need to save three months’ salary, but that’s not entirely true. Money Under 30 founder, David E. Weliver, suggests, “your engagement ring should be meaningful more than expensive.” In fact, you may not have to spend a dime if you have a family heirloom to propose with.

When choosing an engagement ring, price should be one of your first considerations. It’s therefore essential that you know what you can afford before you walk into a jewelry store. Create a budget, allowing yourself enough time to save up for the perfect ring. Set a date for when you’d like to propose and try to have the ring at least a week prior.

Choosing a Gemstone

Most men choose diamonds when selecting an engagement ring. Modern engagement rings can really be any gemstone, but it’s important you select something she wants. Without giving yourself away, see if you can’t find out what kind of ring she would prefer. Knowing exactly what she wants takes a lot of the guesswork out of jewelry shopping.

If she’s non-traditional, you may be able to save some money by choosing a ring that’s her birthstone, or a mix of both of your stones. You could get her something truly romantic and memorable, like pink sapphire engagement rings. Though many girls dream their whole lives about the diamond ring that will someday sit on their left hands, more and more women are adoring non-traditional engagement rings.

If you do decide to go diamond, you may want to do some research first. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes jewelers will have the wrong price on a diamond, so you need to be able to determine if the cut and clarity match the diamonds cost. Diamonds are rated on the four C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. Diamonds are also graded, where pure diamonds are flawless and I-3 diamonds are far from perfect.

Metal, Setting, and Checkout

Once you’ve selected a gemstone, you’ll be ready to have it fitted in the perfect band. Keep in mind what kind of metal you’d like to wear. Her engagement ring should match her wedding ring. So, if you’re partial to white gold, then select this metal.

There are so many setting options when it comes to engagement rings. You can choose a setting that has a prong, or one that comes with a flush. Ask your jeweler to show you examples of settings and select the one that’s most appropriate for the stone you selected.

Finally, it’s time to check on out. You want to ensure that your purchase comes with a certificate of appraisal. This appraisal certificate proves the ring’s value. It’s your insurance against being taken advantage of. Once you’ve garnered this and paid, you’ll be ready to propose. Pick a nice venue, sweep her off her feet, and present her with her beautiful engagement ring. How can she say no?


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How To Choose a Unique Engagement Ring

Thinking of popping the question, but scared that making it extra special for the lucky lady will surely break the bank? Not to worry – these things don’t have to go hand-in-hand anymore! With the right strategy and planning, purchasing your girl’s dream engagement ring featuring some lovely certified diamonds won’t be as costly as you think. Today on, we’ll tell you how.

The first thing you should do is to create a budget, and stick to it. You’ve got to hold on to those guns, cowboy, and make sure that you don’t spend over the limit you’ve set for yourself! Budgeting will keep your focus on a certain price range, as well as make the choosing process much easier – if you tell your jeweler that you’re only willing to spend this much on the rock, he’ll only show you the merchandise that you can afford.

Second, do your research. Isn’t it amazing what you can find on the internet these days? With a few keyboard strokes and some clicks, you can compare and contrast diamond engagement ring prices from different retailers. Plus, did you know that it’s actually cheaper to buy online than from a physical jewelry store? Online retailers contend with each other for a share of the market so the prices are cut down considerably. A great website is—you’re assured of quality customer service like you’d get from a local jeweler at competitive prices.

Want to really bring down that price tag? Purchase a loose diamond instead. Smaller ones will be a lot cheaper than one huge rock with a greater carat size, and will look just as pretty and sparkly on her lovely hand if placed into the correct settings.

The diamond is the most expensive part of the ring, so if you can lower the cost on the stone, then the overall price of having a custom-made ring will be greatly reduced. One way to do this is to buy one that is square or rectangular-cut—it’s much cheaper than a pear or a heart-shaped diamond. Another way is to find a stone with minor, invisible flaws—these minor quality reductions are invisible to the naked eye and only an experienced jeweler will be able to tell the difference between that stone and a flawless one. Finally, slightly colored diamonds are also more low-priced than clear ones. You might want to consider that, if your lady is into colored stones.

Finally, consider the metal used with the ring. Platinum is expensive—these days, it goes for almost as much as yellow gold! Choosing something in white gold is your best bet if you want to really save up, plus, it’s just a lot more modern and stylish.

We hope these tips helped you out somehow! To learn more about diamonds, log on to Here you’ll find a lot more useful pointers, an entire section about diamond education, and some of the most beautifully designed engagement rings at prices that you can afford. They also sell loose diamonds, all certified, of course! Happy shopping, and good luck! Go get ‘em, tiger!


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