7 Benefits of Taking on Online Course

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In the face of higher tuition fees, budget cuts, and the need for flexible learning schedules for part-timers, more people are enrolling for online courses. Recent statistics show that more than three million students are currently enrolled in a public university or college online with close to six million others taking at least one short course over the internet.

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How to Start Your Own Microbrewery

One afternoon, you’re sipping an ice-cold craft beer, and it hits you — the only thing better than drinking good beer is making good beer (and then drinking it, of course). Perhaps you’ve experimented with some home-brewing equipment and have perfected an original recipe or two, but what you really want is to turn your hobby into a lucrative business. Starting a successful microbrewery takes passion and talent, but it also requires a great deal of business savvy. If you’re serious about starting a craft beer company, here is what you’ll need to know.

Understanding the Science

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Aspiring microbrewers often leap into the business without understanding the science that goes into making beer. Fermentation is a complex chemical process involving the microorganism that we know as yeast. Understanding how each ingredient affects the process and taste of the final product is essential. That means that you should have at least some home-brewing experience under your belt.

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So You Want To Be A Pilot

Becoming a certified pilot is a challenging but rewarding process. Once you get your pilot license you will probably want to spend as much time in the air as possible. The freedom and excitement of soaring high above everything else does wonders for the mind and soul. But before you climb above the clouds you will want to make sure you have a few air plane and pilot accessories to fly with.

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