App of the Week: Christmas HD

DualBoot Games

Compatible with:
Android Systems

Android 2.2 and up



Available here

I have a confession for this entrant of app of the week. My choice isn’t really an app at all.

No, friends wait! Put down your torches and pitchforks and hear me out. While not strictly an app, and more of a wallpaper, this entrant is related to Christmas, which I think we call all agree is pretty bad ass.

And you know what? So is this wallpaper. It’s a live wallpaper that comes from the good people at DualBoot Games and is called Christmas HD. As you may have guessed, it’s in celebration of Christmas, and over the course of five screens depicts a home that is decked out with all of the classic decorations. Besides being extremely bright and colorful and active, the wallpaper is also filled with many, many details. You’ve got a calendar that serves as a Christmas countdown that updates every day, a steaming mug of hot chocolate with rising steam, a copy of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” resting on a comfortable lounge chair, snow gently falling outside the window, stockings hanging by the roaring fireplace, and a plate of cookies laid out by a note for Santa just to name a few. No classic sign of the holidays was left by the wayside, and that warm feeling that can only be described as “Christmasy” is impossible to avoid as you scroll through the wallpaper with a childish smile.

What really sells the wallpaper are the customization and interactive options available. Everything from the name on the stockings, to the photo on the mantle, to the message on the note, to the decorations on the trees and more can be customized via the surprisingly deep wallpaper menu which simply lays out a very welcome variety of options for the user. Even better, you can interact with a variety of the items on display in unique and unexpected ways, that will have you touching and swiping all over the layout just to see what may happen.

There’s an almost infinite amount of wallpapers available, and around this time of year, many of them are Christmas related. None of them, however, compare to Christmas HD. It’s vibrant, it’s clever, and it’s absolutely loaded with customizable details, the discovery of which are pleasantly comparable to the experience of opening a Christmas present. It’s constant presence on your phone is a cheerful reminder of the best time of the year, and the amount of fun clearly had making it is instantly recognizable in the amount of fun you will have using it.

For most of the year, this wallpaper may come off as confusing, unnecessary, and somewhat of a bad investment at $1.99. However, it’s hard to think like that when you’re in the heart of “Christmas-mania”, and for this brief time period it’s the best wallpaper money can buy, and makes for a very merry app of the week.


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