Modern Photo Albums: Top Gallery Apps for Managing Pictures on Android Devices

The camera is one of the most important features of any smartphone these days. Whether you are a selfie addict or you simply want to take great shots wherever you are, you’ll want a super snapper on your phone.

But the way you enjoy the photos is just as important. Fortunately, if you have an Android phone, there are plenty of excellent gallery apps that help you to manage your pictures better. Here are some of the best you can try.

Google Photos

The default Google Photos app is excellent. For many, it’s the only gallery app they need. Google not only provides a simple and elegant gallery for viewing and sharing your photos, but it also provides free unlimited storage at reduced-sized photos. Photos and videos are automatically backed up so there is nothing technical to worry about, making it a very popular option.

Photo Editor Pro

If you want more effects, Photo Edit Pro could be ideal. You can use this to not only display your photos attractively but also to crop, rotate, change the brightness level and all the other basic edits. In addition, you can add text and stickers to your photos. It also has an auto-enhance feature that makes it easy to improve your snaps.

FOTO Gallery

FOTO Gallery is a simple but powerful app that makes it easy to organise your photos. You can tag photos, use customisation in your albums and set your albums to private if you don’t want to share them. A pro version available as well that provides a few more features.

F-Stop Media Gallery

If you use a great phone camera, like a handset using Sony smartphone camera technology, your images will look good already. But an app like F-Stop Media Gallery can help to take them further.

This app has a clean design, and you can add tags to quickly search for your photos. Smart Albums is a great feature, and you can also play GIFs. Free and pro versions are available, and it is also lightweight. It even integrates with Google Maps.

MyRoll Gallery

MyRoll Gallery is one of the most popular gallery apps for Android devices. It stores photos as events and it makes them easy to organise and find. You can watch videos on it, and it is also available for Android Wear devices. It uses a personalisation system to learn which photos are the most important and has received some great industry reviews. You can also store photos online and it integrates with Google Photos.

Gallery KK

Gallery KK is a great app for speed and simplicity. You can tag and edit photos with ease, as well as play GIFs. It is highly customizable and it has some great filters to edit your photos and add effects. You can also use it to trim videos.


QuickPic is another popular app that allows you to browse your photos quickly. Watch slideshows, share photos with ease, edit photos and choose from different themes. It is very fast to load and you can also back up your photos in the cloud.

Find the Perfect Photo App

Android has many photo gallery apps to choose from, so you are certain to find one that works for you. The above apps are just a few of the best apps available. To decide which one works best for you, download a selection of these apps and try them out. They’re all great, but you may find that you have a personal preference. Then start enjoying viewing and sharing your photos with ease on your phone.

Isabel Skinner is a young woman who enjoys writing articles in her spare time. She is a keen amateur photographer so often writes about photography in some way for her articles.