Top 5 Gadgets You Should Buy This Year


Some are arguing that the rate technology is advancing in the 21st century will mean that we will soon be overrun with technology to the point that it will control our lives. The question is, will this have positive or negative consequences? If you are as fascinated with technology and gadgets as we are, you will pleased to see the top contenders for exciting gadgets to purchase this year. Keep a look out for the following cool products both online and in stores, as you never know when you can grab one of these pricey gadgets for a lower and more appealing price. When it comes to the question of how to use a loan wisely, investing in the following pieces of tech is sure to help improve your quality of life and benefit you in the long term (oh, and they are quite fun too)!

The Apple iPhone 8

With a new Apple smartphone being released every year, it seems only logical that the much anticipated iPhone 8 is due to be released this year ahead of Apple’s 10th anniversary. This iPhone is said to be better and snazzier than ever before, with fans predicting that it will be made entirely of glass with wireless charging and no bezels. No matter what the outcome will be, it’s sure to put the current iPhone 7 to shame.

Project Scorpio

Remember when the Xbox One was the be all and end all of gaming? Project Scorpio is bound to put that dinosaur to shame with Microsoft’s next generation games console. It will supposedly carry 6 teraflops of gaming power and will be able to deliver VR and 4K capabilities. It’s thought to be due for release in Christmas 2017, so why not start saving up now?

Tesla Model 3

It seems like forever ago that we were introduced to the idea of an electric car, and the very idea of it being available to the eco-conscious common man seemed entirely out of the question. However, this is all about to change. Tesla’s Model 3 is the closest thing we have ever seen to an electric car that would actually help to change the world by making it affordable. Not only will it be better for our environment, but it’s also able to do 0-60 in under six seconds and will be equipped with supercharging capabilities. Swoon!

Nikon D760

For the photography lovers among us, you may want to cut your bank card in two and step away from the following tantalising technological offering from Nikon! The company’s fantastic D750 hasn’t had an upgrade in a while, which means the D760 is thoroughly overdue. It is believed that the new camera will retain the same 24.3 MP CMOS sensor and will benefit from an upgraded processor. Frame rates should also improve on the D760 and shutter speeds will be faster than ever. What’s not to love?

Google Pixel Watch

Previous Google watches haven’t been particularly show stopping, but they have shown promise, which has been enough until now. Now rumours suggest that the new Google Pixel watch will combine the very best of the Android wear watch and take elements from Pixel made by Google. Other sources suggest that the new watch will carry a circular screen and is sure to pack some strong hardware.