Coolest offices in the UK


Work is where you’re going to be spending almost 50% of your week, so it seems only fair that an office is designed to be as comfortable as it can be. However, there are a few work spaces around the UK that demonstrate going the extra mile. They’re not just comfy, they’re cool.

Innocent: Fruity Towers – London

Imagine a perpetual British summer and you might come close to understanding Fruity Towers. It might look normal on the outside, but inside Fruity Towers, the only thing missing is sunshine. Everything in this office feels like a garden party. Spaces in the office are carpeted with grass, trees and bushes are dotted around, the main areas have wooden picnic benches rather than tables and colourful party banners, and every now and then, you’ll find the odd hay bale and red phone box. It seems that this office was designed to reject anything associated with an office. It’s comfortable, casual, bright and fun. And the best part? Free innocent smoothies!

Nicholas Tye Architects – Bedfordshire

Sometimes, all you need to make a great office is a great view, and Nicholas Tye Architects have the best view. Imagine looking up from your work computer to see a grass-covered field or a stretch of snow with trees and quaint brick houses. The best thing about the office of Nicholas Tye Architects is the scenery. Unlike anything in London or any of the major architectural cities, you can see that this particular architectural firm loves natural forms. The offices have wall to floor windows that let in floods of natural light, rich in vitamin D. The office is mostly situated on the ground as well, so employees can feel as though they’ve just been set down in the middle of an open field. This sort of office is a breath of fresh air and it feels like nothing in the city comes close to replicating that sense of freedom.

Ticketmaster – London

Do you know what makes a great addition to an office? A slide! If you like to put some fun and humour into your work, then you will feel right at home at the Ticketmaster office in Angel. Around the office, you’ll find adorable sculptures, a pinball machine, a snooker table, a jukebox, a foosball table and a giant slide with a ball pit at the bottom. This work space is the perfect example of a company going the extra mile to make their employees feel at home and inspired. They treasure creativity, so their aim is make their work environment as clever and as creative as possible, and they definitely succeeded.

Designing an amazing office isn’t impossible. All you have to do is decide on your priorities and figure out what it is you want from your employees. If you can find yourself a good quality office to rent through an estate agent like Commercial People, then you might find that your unique, fantastic office is a lot closer than you think.