8 Culinary Tips for Cooking Perfect Ribs


Cooking ribs is something that usually requires plenty of patience. Luckily, there are many tested ways to cook ribs; they can be cooked on the grill, baked in the oven, smoked or even cooked in a crock pot. Different beef and pork rib cuts are available and come from different sections of the rib cage. Each cut has its own set of particular characteristics. Spare ribs are the lowest cost cut and contain less meat and more fat than other cuts, but that fat can make spare ribs somewhat tenderer than other cuts. The rib is one of the most superb morsels of meat known to humans, and these tips will deliver perfect ribs again and again!

1. Choose the right rib. Baby backs make great starter ribs; they’re tender, well-marbled and quick and easy to cook. Any steak restaurant should know this!

2. When buying ribs, look for plump meaty racks. Bypass those known as “shiners,” as these are ribs with so much of the meat removed, you can only see shiny bones.

3. Prior to cooking ribs, a good tip is to cut away the membrane from the underside and apply a rub to boost tenderness and flavour. The meat can then be marinated and dressed with trimmings the night before for the finest outcome.

4. Great ribs are made by applying a number of layers of flavors. Use a rub or marinade to apply the base layer. Next, put on the mop sauce to apply a second layer of flavor and keep the ribs moist while cooking. Apply the barbecue sauce last as a glaze. And of course, the wood smoke provides the most crucial flavour of all. If one is in Western Australia and searching for that special steakhouse in Perth, check out Tony Roma’s, where they have a mouth-watering menu at affordable prices.

5. The basic rib rub formula is salt, pepper, brown sugar and paprika (in roughly equal amounts). Custom make by adding garlic or onion powder, chilli powder or cumin.

6. One can achieve the perfect rib meat tenderness by indirect grilling or smoking. Turning the ribs meat-side down on the cutting board, before cutting into portions or individual ribs, makes it easier to see what one is dealing with (the meat between the bones).

7. If smoking ribs, maintain temperatures of 225 to 250 degrees F. If indirect grilling ribs, maintain temperatures of 325 to 350 degrees. For the best ribs and steak in Perth, there are online restaurants that cater to any taste.

8. There’s no need to boil ribs prior to grilling. Boiling depreciates the flavor and texture. (That’s what one does to bones when making stock.)

Finally, the perfect ribs should be tender enough to tear apart with your fingers, and with the right side dishes, one has the perfect meal for any occasion.