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Sin City Secrets: Gambling Isn’t the Only Vice in Vegas!


For many years now, Sin City has been the gambling mecca of the nation, if not the world, and so it has always been equated with the city of vices. However, many around the globe don’t know that gambling isn’t the only vice in Las Vegas, although it is often the one holding the most attraction. Here you will find out the secrets of Sin City and the other vices that may be lesser known but alluring all the same. Some you can probably guess and others, well, read on…

1. Gambling Heads the Class

No one comes to Vegas dreaming small. Gambling will probably always be at the head of the class when seeking out Sin City’s vices, and even though there are cities around the world that hope to rival this perennial gambler’s paradise, few will ever hold all the attractions that are part and parcel of what make this city tick.

For the better part of the last century, many famous celebrities have performed in the ‘too many to count’ shows that line the Vegas strip. From old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, to magical duo Siegfried and Roy, you can find a brief history of the stars on the Las Vegas Walk of the Stars.

2. Wining and Dining – Eat, Drink and Be Merry

It’s hard to say which is the vice here: food or spirits. Many come to Vegas for the famed buffets and brunches that have become traditional fare at many of the top casinos. Others come to imbibe in some of the most interesting cocktails known to man in equally interesting bars and clubs. Of course, many of the best places to raise a glass are in the casinos that line the Strip, but there are those off-the-beaten-path bars where you just might see a celeb or two making the rounds.

When it comes to food in Sin City, each dish is more delectable and more sinful than the one before, so it’s hard to say where to suggest. Perhaps the best thing to do when food is your vice would be to start with the restaurant in your hotel and work your way outward from there. You will find the hotel staff anxious to share their favorite cafés and diners, so that is where you will find sinfully good food fit for a sinner in Sin City!

3. A Chocoholic’s Paradise

Calling all chocoholics! Everyone who knows anything about chocolate knows that the most famous brand in all of the United States is, of course, Hershey’s chocolate. Chocolate is a vice that is hard to kick, and when you see Hershey’s Chocolate World in Las Vegas and the Sweet Experiences shop where all things Hershey can be personalized on those famed Hershey’s wrappers, you just might think that this should be the leading vice. After all, it’s interesting to note that there is every possibility that there are more chocolate lovers than gamblers in the world. But who’s counting? In Sin City, there’s room for both!

In fact, this is the leading destination for moms and dads on vacation in Vegas who have the kids tagging along. Is it a bribe? “Be good and you can eat all the chocolate your heart desires.” Perhaps, but one thing is for certain: kids of all ages adore Hershey’s Chocolate World. Plan to eat your way through on your next visit to Vegas and roll your way back home when you’re done!

4. The Green, Green Grass of Home

Now then, this is a hush-hush sort of vice that needs to be whispered because it is one that has only just come out of the closet in many parts of the world. Of course, we are speaking of medical marijuana here. And the odd thing about Sin City with all its vices? Mary Jane is still something that is whispered about only in certain circles.

What you should know at this time is that marijuana has been decriminalized (not illegal to hold a certain amount) in Nevada and has been for quite some time. Oddly, the first dispensaries didn’t crop up in Vegas until mid-2015, and no one will know whether it is going to be legalized until after the vote in November coming up. At this time, it’s safe to say that the Green, Green Grass of Home is more than an Engelbert Humperdinck (you’ll find his star on the Walk!) song from the sixties and one that will probably be more than a whisper in the months and years to come.

So then, we all have our vices – which is yours? To be sure, if it’s a vice, you’ll find it in Vegas.