Dressing Man’s Best Friend, What You Need and What’s in Style


Our pets are more than just our best friends these days — they’re family. When life is tough, our pets are the first to pick up on it and they always ensure that they are by your side no matter what. A friend that is loyal always deserves to be taken care of and spoiled from time to time. Accessories and clothing for dogs doesn’t just look good nowadays, it serves a very practical reason for our beloved pooches.

Mesh Harnesses

When you and your beloved step out onto the street for morning walks or afternoon runs, it is important that they are left safe and secure with leads and harnesses. It has been proven that dog leashes automatically strengthen the bond between owner and pet. There are now many different styles owners can buy, from cute polka prints to bright fluorescent leads. On top of leashes, purchasing a soft mesh harness through Urban Pup can provide the ultimate comfort and safety for you and your pet, and they work as an alternative to collars. The majority of harnesses are made from breathable lightweight material so your dog doesn’t overheat nor do they feel constraints when out for daily walks. With the mesh harnesses, most of them even come available with matching leashes, so your dog can go for walks in style.

Socks & Shoes

It may seem silly to buy your dog socks and shoes, but in fact, they can be very practical and serve a great purpose. During harsh weather conditions like ice, snow and extreme hot weather, going for walks isn’t just unpleasant for owners but dogs too. In summer when the weather reaches high temperatures, the pavement and ground can become unpleasant and painful to walk on. And in winter, when the heavy ice and snow starts to fall, this can also cause problems for your pet. By investing in a pair of socks or shoes for your dog, this difficult occurrence will no longer be a problem, and your pet will be able to enjoy their time outside with their owner. Additionally, if you have a slightly older pet and they have had an operation, socks can be the perfect item to combat any infections as well as keeping them from slipping on smooth surfaces. There are various types of shoes and socks out there in many styles to suit all tastes, from pink socks with hearts, to blue baseball trainers so you and your pet can match.


Dog coats are now key fashionable items for your dog’s wardrobe and come in handy when the weather starts to get colder. Although coats are great accessories, not all types of dog breeds need a coat or sweater to keep them warm when out for walks in winter and when it’s wet. However, dogs that are older, short-haired breeds, puppies, smaller breeds and dogs with conditions will need the extra warmth and protection a coat provides. If you are looking for a coat for your dog, it will need to be one that covers their neck and belly and also enables neck-to-tail protection. It is also important to remember that your dog’s coat should be fitted but not restrictive, as you still want them to be able to walk, run and jump about when they are out.