4 Essential Skincare Tips Every Man Should Know About


Stress, exhaustion, pollution and junk food can all take a serious toll on your skin if you don’t pay attention. So hide your skincare sins away now with the following tips and be on your merry way to male grooming perfection. It doesn’t need to take much effort, and all you need is to stock up on a few products. A daily skincare routine will hardly take you more than five minutes, and you’ll soon reap the benefits by waving goodbye to dry and tired skin. Efficient and simple!

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating removes dirt and dead cells from the skin and toxins that accumulate in the pores, especially if you happen to be a smoker. It generally helps to rejuvenate the skin cells. You can use an exfoliating mask adapted to your skin type (dry, oily or both) and apply by massaging in circles around the nose and chin.

Exfoliating is an operation that can be done on a daily basis if you feel the need, as it makes all the following steps much more efficient by getting the skin prepped and ready to receive all the goodness contained in other products.

If you think your skin needs a little extra help, you can also look into medical three-step peel kits, to be used every six weeks while continnuing to exfoliate as normal in between treatments.

2. Use a toner

Facial toners are great if you haven’t had much sleep; They make the skin look smoother and firmer. You can also expect your skin to become healthier and dark circles around the eyes to disappear. Used punctually in combination with exfoliants, toners can be very efficient.

3. Hydrate

While you can skip on facial toners from time to time, moisturisers are crucial to a good skincare routine in order to reinforce the skin surface and protect it against daily damaging effects. What’s more, a good moisturising cream will also firm up and delay the apparition of wrinkles and age spots.

Try not to get just any old cream for this specific step and don’t hesitate to spend a little more if you can, because a good quality moisturiser can really make a big difference. You can apply it in small quantities on the face and neck. This will also make your skin smoother and soothe it after shaving.

4. Around the eyes

Last but not least, you’ll have to take care of those dark circles and under eye bags. Opt for vitamin C and caffeine-based creams that will give your eyes a new lease of life, even if the night was short. If used regularly, these can really make a difference and reduce wrinkles and saggy eyelids too. Apply in small quantities starting from outside the eye area and you’ll soon reap all the benefits!